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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

Evolution essentially Theistic

Evolution essentially Theistic.

In truth the evolutionist conception of the universe is more strictly anti-Atheist than any other.

page 9

Evolution is the bringing of much out of little, the little out of less, the less out of nothing, and, as the 'Spectator' well says, requires a creative energy at every step.

Evolution is continuous creation. It is not merely the preservation of the status quo; not the maintenance of dead level; still less is it the winding of a watch which runs on with less and less energy till it runs down. On the theory of Evolution creation is still progressive. The universe is growing ever richer in organic forms, and, existing organisms are ever travelling upward towards higher perfection.

From this point of view Evolution may even be described as continuous miracle. It is the miracle of the stream rising above its source, of the effect transcending the cause.