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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

F.—Specimens of School Work, — (a) Drawing

F.—Specimens of School Work,

(a) Drawing.

Specimens. Board School.
115. Large Set of five Drawings Lyndhurst Grove.
115a. Large Drawing Jessop Road.
116. Drawing of Table and Chair Heber Road.
117. Set of three Sketches of Leaves from Nature Portobello Road.
118. One Drawing St. John's Lane.
119. Set of eight Drawings (on three cards) Portobello Road.
120. One Set of six Drawings Lyndhurst Grove.
121. One Set of two Drawings Jessop Road.
122. One Set of two Drawings Dempsey Street.
Freehand Coloured.
123. Set of Three Drawings Portobello Road.
124. One Design Coburg Road.
125. One Design Rolls Road.
126. One Design Keeton's Road.
Model Drawing.
127. One Drawing of School Desk Heber Road.
128. One Set of Drawings Portobello Road.
129. One Set of two Drawings Lyndhurst Grove.
130. One Drawing Alexis Street.
131. One Drawing Farncombe Street.
132. One Drawing Southwark Park.
133. Four Drawings Monnow Road.
Map Drawing.
134. Two coloured Maps Cook's Ground.
135. Two Maps, framed Jessop Road.
136. One coloured Map, large, framed Jessop Road.
Drawing in Outline from the Cast.
137. Four Drawings Monnow Road.
138. One Drawing Southwark Park.
139. One Drawing of Lion's Head (?) School.
140. One Drawing Thornhill Road.
141. One Drawing York Road.
142. One Set of Five Drawings Dempsey Street.
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Shade from the Cast.
Specimens. Board School.
143. Two Drawings Queen's Head Street.
144. Two Drawings Southwark Park.
145. One Drawing Rolls Road.
146. One Drawing Coburg Road.
147. One Drawing Camden Road.
148. One Drawing Chequer Alley.
149. One Drawing Portobello Road.
Mechanical Drawings.
150 One Outline, Blake's Direct Action Steam Pump Jessop Road.
151. One Outline, Engine Jessop Road.
152. One Outline, Angle Pedestal Heber Road.
153. One Outline, Stuffing Box and Gland, Stop Cock Heber Road.
Design to Fill Given Spaces.
154. One Chequer Alley.
155. One Design for Plate or Bowl Chequer Alley.
156. One Design for Cretonne Keeton's Road.
157. One Design for Border Rolls Road.
158. One Design for Linoleum Rolls Road.
159. One Design for Linoleum Camden Street.
160. One Design for Linoleum Hatfield Street.
161. One Design for Wall Paper Fleet Road.
162. One Design for Floor Tiles Monnow Road.
163. One Design for Floor Tiles Medburn Street.
164. Two Designs Southwark Park.
(b) School Work (General).
165. Set of Papers in Arithmetic, Standards I. to VII Cook's Ground, Boys', Chelsea.
166. Set of Dictation Papers, Standards I. to VII. Same School.
167. Set of Dictation Papers, Standards I. to VII. Ecclesbourne Rd. Girls'.
168. Set of Selected Papers in Arithmetic and Writing St. Dunstan's Rd. Boys'.
169. Set of Selected Papers in Dictation, Standards I. to VII. Monson Road Girls'.
(c) Kindergarten Work.
170. Cane Weaving, Graded Series, Set of Objects in Box Nightingale St. Infants'.
Basket, Paper Rack St. Dunstan's Road Inf.
171. Babies' Fraying Exercises Mantle Road Infants'.
Sewing and Pricking Exercises Droop Street Infants'.
172. Pattern Drawing. Twelve Books Hazelrigge Rd. Infants'.
173. Clay Modelling, Primrose Leaf Roll's Road, Infants'.
174. Set of Four Sheets, Paper Folding Ben Jonson.
175. Set of Six Sheets, Chequered Squares Keeton's Road.
176. One Sheet of Cardboard Models (Pasted on for Drawing) Southwark Park.
177. Three Packets of Drawing, from Cardboard Models Southwark Park.
178. Two Packets of Freehand Drawings Cook's Ground.
(d) Needlework and Knitting.
179. Specimens from eight Infants' Schools.
Droop Street 6 specimens
Flint Street 4 specimens
Haselrigge Road 3 specimens
Station Road 9 specimens
Calvert Road 1 specimens
Gloucester Grove 1 specimens
Mawbey Road 2 specimens
Upper Kennington Lane 1 specimens
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180. Specimens of Garments and Knitting, and Government Examination Day pieces, from all the VII. Standards of Girls' Schools.

The following have contributed:—
Station Road 10 specimens
Stanley Street 8 specimens
Matthias Road 3 specimens
Brunswick Road 16 specimens
Mawbey Road 5 specimens
Baltic Street 3 specimens
Wellington Road 5 specimens
Wilton Road 4 specimens
Anglers' Gardens 5 specimens
St. James' Walk 4 specimens
Flint Street 4 specimens
St. Dunstan's Road 3 specimens
Caledonian Road 2 specimens
Haseltine Road 2 specimens
Nynehead Street 1 specimens
Ecclesbourne Road 1 specimens
Upper North Street 2 specimens
Tennyson Road 1 specimens
181. Specimens of Garments and Knitting worked by the Pupil Teachers from the following Pupil Teachers' Schools:—
Woolwich 4 specimens.
Nelson Street 1 specimens
Greenwich 9 specimens
Stepney 4 specimens
M. Downs 1 set specimens
Fanny Darnell 1 set specimens
Lucy Ridgwell 1 set specimens

Note.—All the above Needlework was collected from the schools almost without notice and represents the ordinary work done during the year to show to the Inspector, or they are specimens of the small pieces each child (according to Standard she is in) has to work before an Inspector on the day of the Government Examination.

Alexander and Shepheard, Printers, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.