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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Class Subjects

Class Subjects.

32.Macleod's Grammar—Definitions, and Parts 1 to 4.
33.Morris's Primer.
34.Salmon's Exercises in Grammar and Composition.
35.Nelson's English Language.
36.How to teach English Literature.

Johnston's World Series of Maps and Diagrams:

Geographical Terms. Seven Diagrams.

England. Nine Maps.

page 7
38.Stanford's Series of Maps. Four selected.

Sonnenschein's Blackboard Maps—

England, Europe, "World.

40.Cassell's Geographical Readers. Four Parts.
41.Longmans' New Geographical Readers. Five Parts.
42.Bacon's Excelsior Atlas.
43.Graphic Sketch Map Copy Books. Three Parts.

Elementary Science

This subject is taken at present in but very few schools as a Class Subject. See, however, under the headings, Object Lessons, Mechanics, &c.

44.Historical Portraits. Three Sets (framed), with Descriptions.
45.Blackie's Historical Readers. Eight Books.
46.Nelson's Royal Historical Readers. Nine Books.


In the first scheme drawn up for instruction in this subject the Board Inspectors were held responsible. for the inspection of needlework, and they were empowered to ask for the assistance of ladies on the management of the various schools, and, where this was impracticable or inexpedient, to call in other efficient assistance.

On the 7th May, 1873, the School Management Committee reported that, after some experience, they were of opinion that to give real efficiency to the teaching of needlework it was necessary that there should be a special officer whose sole duty it should be to examine this branch of work. On the 30th July, 1873, Mrs. Floyer was appointed Examiner of Needlework. At the present time two Examiners of Needlework are engaged by the Board.

In 1878 the simultaneous class teaching of needlework, with the aid of large demonstration frames, was introduced, and is now in use in all the schools of the Board. Cutting-out is also taught to a class simultaneously on the chequered blackboard. In the lower classes of infant schools the use of needle, cotton, and thimble is taught by needlework and knitting drill.

47.Demonstration Frame.
47a.Stockwell Demonstration Frame.
48.Lambert's "Paragon" Needlework Demonstration Apparatus.
49.Demonstration Sheets. Thirteen Sheets.