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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Another Story

Another Story.

Now, I will tell you a very creditable thing about the young colonials. It is a very rare thing to find a young colonial that drinks. (Loud laughter and boo-hooing.) Now, when I was at Waiwera the other day there happened to be there at the same time a gentleman who had got a large quantity of land — 10,000 acres of fine agricultural land. And he was a very good sort of man too, although he had got plenty of land. (Laughter.) Some of you think that there is no good in a man when he happens to have a large quantity of land, but I tell you that there is not one of you mad enough to refuse a piece of land if he could honestly get it. As for myself, I have never owned an acre of agricultural land in my life, but the only reason for that is that I could not buy it. (Laughter.) I was speaking to this land-owner about myself, and I said to him, "What sort of fellows have you got working about your place?" He replied, "Mostly young colonials." I asked what he thought of them. Pie said, "My experience of them is grand; none of them drink." (Cries of "You don't say so? "and loud laughter.) It is a fact. The young colonial that drinks is the larrikin about the city. (Cheers.) And that man simply told me, gentlemen, the very same thing that I have observed myself throughout the colony—that the young colonial sticks to his work like a man and that he is a grand fellow. (Cheers.)