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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Unfounded Fears

Unfounded Fears.

But it is argued that, if women drop a little vote into the scales of mercy and justice once in three years they will lose their womanly charm. Surely such fears are unfounded. "Women now have politics thrust upon them. Compulsory education, compulsory vaccination, compulsory sanitary laws, &c, &c., compel women to concern themselves about politics. First of all, it is important that women should perform their private duties, and be good daughters, good wives, and good mothers; but thousands upon thousands of women, after having discharged their private duties, desire to perform social duties, and help to regenerate the world. This spirit impels myriads of women to help their less fortunate fellow-creatures in various ways, and they go unscathed into scenes of suffering and infamy to rescue the sick, ignorant, and fallen. Florence Nightingale's, Mary Stanley's, and Sister Dora's are household names in England, and there are two or three household names here. Ladies here are engaged in works of mercy, which fail through defective legislation; and if women could exercise the Franchise, they would get the law remedied at once. Reformatories without legal restraints are a delusion and a snare, but this and other questions will be shelved until women can take part in choosing our law-makers.