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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Supplementary Note

Supplementary Note.

At a subsequent meeting of Board, Dr. Macgregor intimated that 15 additional returns had been received and digested, which were of like tenor with the 58 reported on. The Board agree to lay the Report before the Minister for Education, and that Dr. Macgregor should make a selection of statements in the returns, to be printed for use of the Board along with the Report.

The subject has been before the Educational Institute of New Zealand at its recent meeting in Christchurch. It was brought before the Otago Educational Institute in a valuable paper by Mr. Park, of Dunedin, which came to our hand before the report was prepared, and in a paper of like value by Mr. Dunbar, of Waihola Gorge, which has been published in "The Schoolmaster." Our selections are made only from the returns to our Circular. They are intended to show by sample how the matter is regarded by the real educational mind of the community. The witnesses are therefore taken from all the classes consulted:—
1.An Education Board (Chairman and Inspector).
2.A School Inspector.
3.A Common School Committee.
4.A Master of a Secondary School (on his Committee's behalf).
5.A Master of a Common School (on his Committee's behalf).
6.An Educationist not professional.

The returns contain many suggestions for a working syllabus, which, kept in retentis at the office, will no doubt be found valuable if practical action be resolved upon. It is right to state, what is implied in the report, that in the returns the consensus of opinion, though remarkably full, is not absolutely complete: there are some dissentients, though the number of them is remarkably small.