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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Comparative Surface of British Colonies to that of other States

page 25

Comparative Surface of British Colonies to that of other States.

England has 65 square miles of colony to the square mile of her own area; Holland 54; Portugal, 20; Denmark, 6.30; France 1.90; Spain, 0.86 square miles.

The area of the British Colonies is nearly 8,000,000 square miles—rather less than the area of the Russian Empire, including Siberia and Central Asia; but if the area of the native feudatory States in India, amounting to 509,284 square miles, be added, over which England exercises as great control as Russia does over much of the territory under its sway, together with that of the United Kingdom itself, 120,757 miles, then the area of the British Empire exceeds that of the Russian Empire by about 200,000 square miles, and it covers within a fraction of one-sixth of the whole land area of the globe.