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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

British Colonies and Possessions

page 20

British Colonies and Possessions.

Name. Where Situated. How and When Acquired.
Aden Southern Arabia Captured 1839
Ascension South Atlantic Ocean Taken Possession of 1815
Bahamas West Indies Colonised, 1629; finally ceded 1783
Basuto Land South Africa Annexed 1871
Bermudas North Atlantic Ocean Settlement 1609
Ontario and Quebec North America Capitulation 1759-90
Nova Scotia and N. Brunswick. North America Settlement, 1623; ceded to France, 1667; restored 1713
Cape Colony South Africa Capitulation, 1806; cession 1815
Ceylon Indian Ocean Captured, 1796; cession 1815
Cyprus Mediterranean Sea Treaty 1878
Falkland Islands South Atlantic Ocean Cession 1771
Fiji Islands South Pacific Ocean Cession. 1874
Gambia West Africa Settlement 1588
Gibraltar Mediterranean Sea Capitulation 1704
Greenland Arctic Ocean Discovery 1585
Gold Coast West Africa Settlement, 1664; ceded 1872
Guiana South America Captured, 1781; treaty 1815
Heligoland North Sea Capture 1807
Honduras Central America Treaty . 1783page 21
India Southern Asia Settlement, 1612; conquest 1756-1886
Jamaica West Indies Capture 1655
Kermadec Islands South Pacific Ocean Settlement 1886
Labuan Malaysia Cession. 1846
Lagos West Africa Cession. 1861
Leeward Islands
Montserrat, St. Christopher with Anguilla, Virgin Islands, Dominica Nevis, Antigua, and Barbuda West Indies Settlement 1663
Malta Mediterranean Sea Cession, 1628-1703; settlement 1800
Mauritius Indian Ocean Capture 1810
Natal South Aprica Settlement 1843
Newfoundland North Atlantic Ocean Treaty 1713
New Guinea Melanesia Settlement 1884
New South Wales Melanesia Settlement 1788
New Zealand South Pacific Ocean Settlement 1840
Norfolk Island South Pacific Ocean Settlement 1825
North Borneo Malaysia Settlement 1878
Perim Red Sea Settlement 1857
Queensland Melanesia Settlement 1825
Rotumah South Pacific Ocean Settlement 1881
Sierra Leone West Africa Settlement 1787
South Australia Melanesia Settlement 1836
St. Helena South Atlantic Ocean Captured 1673
Straits Settlements Straits of Malacca Cession and purchase 1786-1824
Tasmania. Australasia Settlement 1803
Trinidad West Indies Capitulation. 1797
Turk Islands West Indies Cession. 1783
Victoria Australasia Settlement 1803
West Australia Australasia Settlement 1829
Windward Islands
Grenada and the Grenadines, Tobago, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Barbadoes West Indies Cession. 1605-1803