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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Explanatory Letterpress. — Scriptural Maps

Explanatory Letterpress.

Scriptural Maps.


Distribution of Nations after the Deluge.

Distribution of the Sons of Canaan.

58.The Holy Land as allotted by Joshua.
59.Palestine in the Time of Christ.
60.Prevailing Religions of the World.

Explanatory Letterpress and Alphabetical Index.

Astronomical Plates.

61.The Celestial Sphere—Refraction, Parallax, Aberration of Light, Phases of the Moon—Of the Inferior Planets and of Saturn's Ring.
62.The Solar or Planetary System, Relative Distances of the Planets, etc.
63.Comets, with Orbit of Halley's Comet.
64.The Seasons, Day and Night, and the Tides.
65.Eclipses of the Sun, Views and Diagram.
66.Eclipses of the Moon, illustrated with Diagrams.

Explanatory Letterpress.

In the production of this Work the Publishers have aimed at giving a really valuable and trustworthy Atlas at a reasonable price. The Political Maps will be found to give the most recent Geographical information, and the printing of all the Maps has been executed with the greatest care. Of the many Atlases which have appeared of late, it is perhaps not too much to expect that for accuracy, excellence of printing, and cheapness, "Johnstons Cosmographic Atlas" will take the lead over all others of a similar class.

Complete Catalogue of Aliases, Maps, Globes, Wall Illustrations, etc., posted free to any address.

W. & A. K. Johnston,

Geographers to the Queen, Educational and General Publishers,

Edina Works, Easter Road, Edinburgh;


5 White Hart Street, Warwick Lane, London, E.C.