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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

In Conclusion

In Conclusion.

Mr Hutchison said—I have indicated the lines upon which I would act, and on these lines I ask your confidence; and if I receive that confidence there will be no exertion on my part wanting to deserve it and to retain it. (Mr Hutchison resumed his seat, after speaking for an hour and a half, amid loud applause.)

Several questions were asked principally as to the relief to be granted to settlers who had taken up land on lease under the tender system. He explained that he did not believe in competition for land, but thought a low rental should be fixed, and that if there were more than one selector the ballot should decide. He thought that tenants should be allowed to surrender their leases, and he would be in favour of the principle of tenant right—namely that improvements made within seven years should not be taken into account when fixing the rents at which these tenants should have new leases. (Applause.)

Mr Strachan then proposed, That a vote of thanks be accorded to Mr Hutchison for his address, and further, that this meeting is of opinion that he is a fit and proper person to represent the Waitotara district. (Applause.)

Mr Mason seconded the motion in a few words.

There being no amendment, the motion was put and carried by 40 votes to 4.

Mr Hutchison, on rising to respond, was received with loud and continued applause. He thanked them for the resolution, and said he hoped to again have an opportunity of speaking to them, as there were many other matters which might claim attention, and more particularly the leasing question on this coast. He then proposed the customary vote of thanks to the chair, and the meeting closed.

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