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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

"Plockton, 30 March 1872


"Rev. and Dear Sir,—I have much pleasure in acquainting you that letters have now come from all the adult emigrants we sent last year from this place to New Zealand, and that the whole of them agree in confirming all the favourable accounts you have given us in your interesting lectures on that country.

"You would imagine the writers were in raptures, when describing the great beauty of the land, the variety of its productions, the salubrity of its climate, the fertility of the soil, and its adaptation for the growth of all the pleasing and nourishing cereals, roots and fruits, as well as the richness of its luxuriant pastures for the rearing of all kinds of cattle and sheep.

"They speak highly of the abundance of fish and fowl on its coasts: of its green meadows, majestic forests, and undulating mountains, reminding them of the mother-country,—only that the natural objects and prospects in the land they left are miniatures when compared to those in the adopted land.

"From what they say, I would infer that New Zealand would yield almost everything needful for living in plenty and comfort, and that the climate was never uncomfortably hot, nor at any time disagreeably cold. I fully believe from the accounts given, that hundreds will yet express themselves very grateful that you ever came to the Highlands. Those who have already left us, say that their happiness would be complete if their friends would only join them, where willing hands are in great demand, wages good, and food cheap and plentiful.—I remain, &c


F. D. McDonell


Rev. P. Barclay

, Edinburgh."