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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Standard V

Standard V.

1. Pass-subjects.

Reading and Definition.—A book of general information, not necessarily excluding matter such as that prescribed for Standard IV.

Spelling and Dictation suited to this stage.

Writing.—Small-hand copies in a strict formal style, and text-hand; transcription of verse in complicated metres, and of prose exhibiting the niceties of punctuation.

page 29

Arithmetic.—Proportion; simple interest; the easier eases of vulgar fractions, and problems involving them; mental arithmetic.

Grammar and Composition.—Inflexions of the verb; the parsing (with inflexions) of all the words in any easy sentence; a short essay or letter on a familiar subject, or the rendering of the sense of a passage of easy verse into good pros:?; analysis of a simple sentence.

Geography.—Names and positions of places of political, historical, and commercial importance in New Zealand, in Great Britain, and on the European Continent; and the drawing of outline maps of New Zealand, Great Britain, and Ireland. Physical Geography: Distribution of land and water; mountain and river systems. Mathematical Geography: The form of the earth, day and night, the seasons, the zones, meridians, and parallels, and climate in this connection.

Drawing.—As defined in Regulation 18, but not to be required before the 1st January, 1890.

2. Class-subjects.

Drawing.—As defined in Regulation 18, but not to be a class-subject, after the 31st December, 1889.

English History.—The period from 1485 A.D. to 1714 A.D. treated as the former period is treated in Standard IV.

Elementary Science.—See Regulation 19.

3. Additional Subjects.

Recitation.—Of a higher order than for Standard IV.

Singing.—More difficult exercises in time and tune; strict attention to expression marks.

Needlework and Drill.—See Regulations 22 and 12.

Extra Drawing.—See Regulation 18.