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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30



Reading.—Easy reading book, to be read fluently and intelligently, with knowledge of the meanings of the words, and with due regard to the distinction of paragraphs as well as of sentences.

Spelling.—From the same book; knowledge of words having the same or nearly the same sound, but differing in meaning; dictation of easy sentences from the reading-book of a lower standard.

Writing.—Longer words and sentences, not larger than round-hand; transcription from the reading-book of Standard III., with due regard to punctuation and quotation marks.

Arithmetic.—Numeration and notation generally (one billion being taken as the second power of one million, one trillion the third power, and so on); long multiplication and long division; the four money rules, excepting long multiplication of money; tables of money, avoirdupois weight, and long measure; and easy money problems in mental arithmetic.

Grammar and Composition.—The distinguishing of the nouns, verbs, adjectives articles, and pronouns in easy sentences; and very simple exercises in composition, to test the pupil's power of putting his own thoughts on familiar subjects into words. The more difficult pronouns (as the indefinite and distributive) are not to be used as tests of knowledge in this standard, but the children should be able to recognise as a pronoun any personal, possessive, or demonstrative pronoun, whether used as a substantive or as an adjective.

Geography.—The names and positions of the chief towns of New Zealand; the principal features of the district in which the school is situated; names and positions of Australian Colonies and their capitals; of the countries and capitals of Europe; of mountains forming the water-sheds of continental areas; and of celebrated rivers.

Drawing.—As defined in Regulation 18, but not to be required before the 1st January, 1888.