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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

Advanced Perspective

Advanced Perspective.

Perspective of Interiors. Representation of lines and solids.

a.In a plane perpendicular to the ground at an angle with the picture;
b.In a plane perpendicular to the picture at an angle with the ground;
c.In a plane which ascends or descends directly from the picture;
d.In any plane inclined obliquely upwards or downwards.

Shadows.—Sunlight—when the sun lies in the plane of the picture—behind or in front of the picture plane—in a vertical plane perpendicular to it or at an angle with it. Shadows on two planes—horizontal and vertical—oblique planes. Shadows cast on curved surfaces. Shadows by a curved surface on two planes—on curved surfaces. Shadow cast by a sphere.

Artificial Light.—Interiors, one light—two or more lights on planes at any angle.

Reflections.—Angle of incidence and reflection. Point of incidence. Horizontal reflecting planes—still water. Vertical reflecting planes—perpendicular, parallel, or at an angle with the picture, lnclined reflecting planes at any angle with the picture.