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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

[7. Tauranga, 29th October, to 20th December, 58 days]

Re Opotiki Court, J. 80/2411, suppresses the greater part of my work, and the fact that I had completed the list.

7. "Tauranga, 29th October, to 20th December, 58 days—4 cases dismissed, 7 cases adjourned."

The statement above is absolutely untrue. The following is the correct one. Order for memorial re Rangiuru in favor of 242 natives. The memorial made upon this order was wrongly appropriated by Chief Judge Fenton to himself and Judge Symonds as having been heard and decided by them, at a Court begun and holden and ended at Tauranga on 4th February, 1880. (Vide N. Z. Gazette, April 1, 1880, p. 423.) Thus I was deprived of the credit of my own labour in having heard and decided a case that had occupied me four weeks, during which eight parties claimed a property valued at from £25,000 to £30,000, and in which six of the parties were cast. I also made 8 succession orders, and adjourned on the application of the Crown Agent 8; dismissed for no surveys, and no jurisdiction, &c., 22; total cases disposed of, 39, being all the cases on the list.

See the minute book of proceedings in possession of Chief Judge.

In J. 80/2411 part of my work performed and finished in this Tauranga Court is deliberately suppressed. In the "New Zealand Gazette," of April 18, 1880, this suppressed portion of my labour is appropriated by the Chief Judge to the credit of himself and of another Judge. Having robbed me in this way in the latter document, he secretly, with a view to my removal, accuses me in the former of not having done the work. page 36 There are at least 2,000 persons in the Bay of Plenty and the Lake district who can bear witness that I, and not Judge Fenton, heard and awarded Rangiuru at the hearing at Tauranga in 1879, and the proceedings in the office of the Native Land Court, Auckland, show this to be the truth.