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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

[No. 82/2212.]

[No. 82/2212.]

Copy of Telegram from the Hon. J. Sheehan, Wellington, to Chief Judge Fenton, Auckland. "Government Buildings, 28th October, 1878.

"Chief Judge Fenton, Auckland.

"Wilson will leave for Tauranga on Wednesday. Would suggest Halse take his place for cases to be heard in Wellington.

"Better leave Symonds finish cases at Tauranga, if possible. Wilson will have lots of work with Tauranga District Lands.


"John Sheehan."

In his evidence before the Public Petitions Committee, 13th July, 1883, Judge Fenton said: "Here is a Return prepared last year by the Registrar of the Courts assigned to Mr Wilson" (Return put in); and in answer to myself, he said: "I am sure that the Return by the Registrar is true."

Again, the following appears in his evidence:—

page 23

Chairman—"When Mr Wilson's commission was cancelled by the Act, he was not re-appointed?"


"Do you know the reason why?"

"I think the principal reason was my very strong remonstrances."

"To whom?"

"The Government."

"Against his being re-appointed?"

"Yes; I asked the Government before to remove him from my department because he was of no use to me, because he always pleaded duties connected with the Tauranga Land Act. I said if that is so, let him be handed over to the Tauranga Land Act, because the last four courts I had assigned to him—Galeatea, Tauranga, Uawa, and Ohinemuri—he did not attend at all. I speak from the Return."

This brings us to the document, J. 80/2411, frequently referred to in these notes—a paper without a title or a name in it to point its signification—a secret thing that might be affirmed to mean nothing or everything so far as its actual contents go, but signed by the Chief Clerk to give it weight, and prepared and used as an accusation against me. The number, J. 80/2411, is upon the back of the paper in very small figures. The numerals in the margin I have placed there for reference in answering the document.

I first saw and heard of this accusation on the 13th July, 1882, two years nearly after my dismissal.

page 24
Place. Date of Commencement. Date of Ending. Number of Days. Year. Cases Heard.
1. Galatea June 19 1878 Merely adjourned the cases to Opotiki.
3. Tauranga August 14 November 13 92 days 1878 1 certificate ordered. (Appealed against and re-hearing ordered.)
4. Wellington (Porirua & circuit) 3 days? 1878 Do not know; he made no return. All uncertain.
5. Waimatatini July 25 1879 Did not attend.
6. Opotiki August 13 August 20 8 days 1879 1 memorial ordered. 16 cases dismisssed. 1 case adjourned. (Unopposed.)
7. Tauranga October 29 December 20 53 days 1879 4 cases dismissed. 7 cases adjourned.
8. Galatea December 3 1880 Did not attend.
9. Tauranga February 4 1880 Did not attend.
10. Uawa January 14 1880 Did not. attend.
12. Ohinemuri June 2 1880 Will not attend.


S. J. Dickey,

Chief Clerk N. L. Court.