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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

[10. Uawa, 14th January, 1880]

10. Uawa, 14th January, 1880. "Did not attend.

page 38

Uawa is out of my district. Moreover, I was ill and could not have gone there in any case. (Vide Appendix F.) Overwork, coupled with the persecutions and menacing attitude of the Chief Judge towards myself, had knocked me up. (See the following wire):—


"To Chief Judge Fenton, Auckland.

"I cannot take Uawa Court. In October last I was ordered by Dr. Grinders, of Tauranga, to leave here for a time and take rest. I did not do so, because I desired to advance the public business. I am now ordered by Dr. Haines, of Auckland, to take a complete rest, the same being necessary to recovery from brain exhaustion. I have not ventured to disregard Dr. Haines' order, but have forwarded his certificate to the Hon. the Native Minister with a request for leave for three months.

"J. A. Wilson."

For medical certificate so forwarded to Mr Bryce, 6th January, 1880, see Appendix F.

"When Judge Fenton found I was knocked up, he came to Tauranga on the 4th February, and asked me to resign. I declined to do so. Judge Heale had just received twelve months' sick leave for the same malady as mine, and another Judge in another Court nine month's sick leave, each on full pay.

"With this knowledge of my illness conveyed to him by wire, and confirmed by a personal interview, coupled with the fact that it was on account of my indisposition the Chief Judge, with Judge Symonds, bad gone to Tauranga on the 4th of February, and had opened my adjourned Court, and formally adjourned the whole thing to another time else-where; it was, I say, with this knowledge fresh in his mind that he represents me in the return J. 80/2411 as fit for duty and "not attending" to it.