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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

", "Native Land Court Office, Tauranga."


His Honor Judge Wilson

, "Native Land Court Office, Tauranga."
page 71

Whereas it is enacted by the "Native Land Act, 1873," that the Judges of the Native Land Court, with the Assessors, should, as soon as conveniently might be after the passing theroef, make such General Rules touching the sitting of the Court, and the practice and procedure thereof in all matters as they might deem advisable: Provided always that all rules to be made under the authority of the said Act, should be submitted to the Governor in Council for his approval; and upon being so approved should be forthwith published in the "New Zealand Gazette;" and should, from and after a date to be fixed by the Governor in Council in that behalf, have the force of law, until altered or repealed by other rules to be similarly made and approved:

And whereas, on the twenty-fourth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, rules were made by us under the above-recited authority; and it is now expedient to make further rules for the purposes aforesaid:

Now, therefore, we, the Judges of the said Court, with the Assessors thereof, do hereby, in pursuance of the said power, make the rules following, that is to say:
A.—No claim or application shall be heard, unless the Land shall have been advertised in a Kahiti, bearing date and published at least twenty days before the first day of sitting of the Court; beside being published otherwise, as at present.
B.—Henceforth Courts shall be held in each year at the places and on the dates mentioned in the Schedule hereto annexed, marked A.
C.—The Chief Judge shall cause the business to be brought before each Court to be duly advertised.
D.—The rates to be charged for surveys shall be thus set forth in the Schedule hereto annexed, marked B.
E.—Whenever two or more adjoining blocks of land are surveyed together, at the same time and by the same surveyor, the boundaries of which are common for more than one-fourth part of the total perimeter of the larger block, then one-fourth of the above rates shall be deducted from the charges on each block for all areas above one hundred acres. And when ever also more than one half of the lengths of the boundary lines shall run through vegetation less than six feet high, one-fourth of the Shedule rates shall be deducted.page 72
F.—When a survey is made of land, one or more of the boundaries of which has been previously surveyed, then only the actual cost of completing the boundaries shall be charged; unless it shall be known that the former surveys are erroneous, so that it be necessary to re-survey the whole; in which case the full charge shall be made.