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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 30

I.—Former Negotiations Completed

I.—Former Negotiations Completed.

I regret that under this head there should be nothing to record. This arises from no fault or shortcoming in my department. The lands have been negotiated, deposits paid, agreements signed. Their surveys have been executed, and applications in writing by the Natives to the Native Land Court (in too many instances repeatedly) to have their claims heard.

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Moreover, on the 25th of October last, I requested that the Native Land Court might be moved to commence to take cases in the middle of February last, in which the Land Purchase Department is interested in this district, "as my plans would then be ripe for passing 23 Block through the Court, containing 270,000 acres."

Yet notwithstanding this, I regret to state that excepting certain lands to be hereafter mentioned (where private parties have interfered to obstruct my operations, and where the unprecedented proceedings of the Judge and District Officer have militated seriously against them), that not. a single block has passed the Court, nor has a case been called.

This statement applies equally to all blocks included in former negotiations, and in negotiations entered into during the current year.

I should say that at my request the Natives have applied to the Court to have their claims investigated to 259,670 acres. The whole of the said lands have been negotiate! and surveyed at the expense of the Government, while the tracings of the plans of 214,170 acres of them are in my office. The balance of their area, 45,500 acres is estimated, because although the surveys are finished upon the ground, the plans have not yet been sent in.

Of these lands none have been heard.

The Native Land Court has, however, gazetted for hearing 68,588 acres
Not yet gazette 191,082 acres
Total 259,670 acres