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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Loss and Gain

Loss and Gain.

The loss to the revenue (amount in 1876, malt not included) would be £17,580. The gain to the people of New Zealand would be 15 per cent, on the whole of their farinaceous food. Supposing the 450,000 people to consume 1 lb. each per day at 2d. per lb., their total consumption costs £3 0s. 10d. each, making a gross total of £1,361,250 yearly; 15 per cent, on which is £205,237.

A reduction in the yearly price of "the staff of life," at the rate of 9s. 1d. per head, or £2 5s. 5d. for every family of five mouths, is surely most desirable.