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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

License granted under Gold Fields Acts to continue in force

License granted under Gold Fields Acts to continue in force.

56. If the land on which any house or premises are or hereafter may be erected and in respect of which house or premises any license has been or hereafter shall be granted under the "Gold Fields Act 1862" the "Gold Fields Act 1863" or the "Gold Fields Act Amendment Act 1865" or any other Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand which may hereafter be passed for the management of the Gold Fields in the Province of Otago for the sale of fermented or spirituous liquors should after the granting and during the existence and currency of such license be withdrawn from the operation of the said Acts so that such license would except for the provisions herein contained cease and be of no effect then and in every such case such license shall be deemed to be a license under this Ordinance and the licensee shall have the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same liabilities under this Ordinance as such licensee would have had and would have been subject to had such license been originally granted under this Ordinance: Provided however that such license shall expire and cease at the period at which it would have ceased and expired had the land house and premises in respect of which such license had been granted continued within the Gold Fields of Otago and to be subject to the operation of the said "Gold Fields Act 1862 "and the" Gold Fields Act 1863 "or the" Gold Fields Act Amendment Act 1865 "and such other Acts as aforesaid: Provided also that before such license shall be deemed to be a license under this Ordinance so as to vest in the licensee any of the rights or privileges of a license hereunder he shall cause such license to be produced before the Chief Warden of the Gold Field in which such house and premises were situate if there be a Chief Warden or if not then before any other Warden of such Gold Field and shall obtain from such Chief Warden or other Warden a certificate in writing that such license has not been forfeited and that in his judgment the holder thereof is a fit person to be licensed hereunder and such Warden shall in his certificate describe in general terms the rights page 24 and privileges of the holder of such license the licensee shall then cause such license and certificate to be produced before the Provincial Treasurer of Otago who is hereby authorised to indorse on such license the name or designation of such one of the licenses under this Ordinance as would if granted confer on the licensee rights and privileges and impose liabilities corresponding as nearly as may be in his judgment with those rights and privileges which were conferred and those liabilities which were imposed by the license held by such person under the Gold Fields Act: And on such endorsement being made such license shall be deemed to be a license under this Ordinance of that kind of which the name has been indorsed.