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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Goat Nuisance Ordinance 1868

page 57

Goat Nuisance Ordinance 1868.

An Ordinance to abate the Nuisance arising from stray Goats within the limits of the various Towns and Municipalities of the Province of Otago.

[11th June, 1868.]

coat of arms


Whereas great annoyance inconvenience and loss have accrued from Goats being allowed to stray within the limits of the various Towns and Municipalities of the Province :

Be It Therefore Enacted by the Superintendent of the Province of Otago with the advice and consent of the Provincial Council thereof as follows : —

Short Title.

1. This Ordinance shall be termed and may be cited and referred to as the "Goat Nuisance Ordinance 1868."

Goats to be Registered.

2. Any person who shall keep any Goat without causing a description of every such Goat so kept by him or her to be Registered and such Registration to be renewed from year to year in manner hereinafter mentioned shall forfeit and pay for every such Goat a penalty or sum of not less than five shillings nor more than five pounds Provided always that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to require the Registration of any Goat under the age of three months the proof of which shall lie on the owner or keeper of such Goat.

Mode of Registration.

3. Every such Registration of any Goat shall be made by its owner or keeper or some person on his or her behalf paying the fee aforementioned and delivered at the Police Office of the District or at such other place as the Superintendent may appoint in the district in which such Goat is intended to be ordinarily kept a description of such Goat embracing the several particulars contained in the Schedule to this Ordinance annexed.

In certain eases Goats may be destroyed. Penalty, &c.

4. Such owner keeper or person shall at the time of delivering such page 58 description as last aforesaid leave at the Police Office or other place appointed as aforesaid a leather collar upon which the officer or other person receiving the Registration Fee for any Goat shall stamp mark or affix the registered number of such Goat and such collar shall be worn upon the neck of the Goat so registered and every goat found without a collar bearing the registered number of such Goat may be destroyed and the owner of such Goat or other person having charge of the same shall be liable to a penalty of twenty shillings.

Registration to be yearly renewed.

5. Every such Registration shall be deemed to be in force from the day upon which the same shall be so made until the thirty-first day of March then next ensuing and no longer and shall be in like manner renewed from year to year so long as any such Goat shall continue to be kept: Provided however that every such Registration which shall be made in the month of March in any year shall be deemed to be in force until the thirty-first day of March in the year then next ensuing.

Fee on Registration.

6. For the Registration of every such Goat the sum of two shillings and sixpence shall be paid to the officer in charge of the Police Office or Station for the district or to such other officer at such other place as the Superintendent may appoint in the district in which the Registration is made and the said officer shall in return for the Registration Fee supply to the person making such registration a Registration Ticket containing the number in the Registry Book to be kept ior the District the name of the owner and the name and description of the Goat and the date of Registration.

Fees to be accounted for and paid to Provincial Treasurer.

7. All Registration Fees paid in virtue of this Ordinance shall be accounted for and paid over to the Provincial Treasurer for the public uses of the Province agreeably to any Rules or Regulations that may be made by the Superintendent in that behalf.


Form of Notice for Registering Goats.

A description of Goats intended to be kept by A.B. of in the [Municipality or town] of during the year ending on the 31st March, 18

Number. Premises on which each Goat is intended to he kept. Sex. Age Color or peculiar mark. Description or kind of Goat.
Dunedin, New Zealand :

Printed under the Authority of the Provincial Government of Otago," by Mills, Dick and Co., Stafford street, Dunedin, Printers to the said Provincial Government for the time being.