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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Definition of hawkers

Definition of hawkers.

27. The selling or offering for sale goods carried about on the person or on any animal or in any movable conveyance whether by land or water in any city town street road or place within the said Province shall be deemed to be tarrying on the business of a Hawker or Pedlar within the meaning of this Ordinance : Provided that nothing contained in this Ordinance, shall be construed to prevent any person from selling or offering for sale any printed newspaper fish fruit water fuel milk vegetables or victuals of any description or any agricultural produce without having previously page 54 obtained any such License as aforesaid nor to prevent the actual maker or the children apprentices agents or servants of and residing with the maker of any goods from selling or offering for sale the same without having previously obtained a License as aforesaid nor to prevent the sale without such License of any goods whatever in any market or fair that may be legally established in the said Province or in any house or shop occupied by the person so selling or offering to sell the same.