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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Remittance of Money

Remittance of Money.

Silver Cup Branch.—Proposed by Br. J. Benney, seconded by Br. T. Mitchell—

"That we, the members of the Silver Cup Branch, consider the E.C. have broken our laws, in authorising any branch to transmit money to any committee; and we wish the E.C. to give some explanation why the Silver Cup Branch was ordered to transmit the sum of £50 to the Strike Committee in Manchester, also the rule to show that they were right in doing so. The branch have refused to pass the audit until they have received some explanation."

Reply.—The money was duly ordered by the E.C., and the Silver Cup Branch has documents to show that it was applied for in proper form, sent, and its receipt acknowledged. Such being the case, they have no justification for withholding their March quarterly report from the G.O., and thus compelling the G.S. to publish an incomplete statement of the financial position of the society, in consequence of not knowing the exact balance held by the Silver Cup Branch. As soon as the quarterly report is sent to this office, the Silver Cup Branch will be supplied, through the Monthly Report, with the explanation asked for; but we shall certainly refuse to furnish any information when the demand for it is accompanied with a threat of withholding financial reports.