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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Branch Resolutions and Decisions of Council

Branch Resolutions and Decisions of Council.

The Manchester Strike.

Bury Branch.—Proposed by Br. W. Sinkler, seconded by Br. A. Wood—

"That the members of the Bury Branch fully endorse the opinion of the Leicester and Plymouth Branches in reference to the Manchester strike levy."

Hammersmith Branch.—Proposed by Br. R. Kellond, seconded by Br. G. T. Sharpe—

"That we, the members of the Hammersmith Branch, consider that the E.C. should at once take the necessary steps to get the votes of the members of the society taken for a general levy of sixpence per week, in aid of the Manchester and Salford joiners still on strike."

Paddington Branch.—Proposed by Br. E. Hingston, seconded by Br. T. H. L. Stephens—

"That it be a recommendation of the Paddington Branch to the E.C., that in consideration of bringing the present strike in Manchester to a successful issue, a vote of the members be at once taken for £2,000, or more, as the Council may determine be taken from our general funds for the above object."—(Carried unanimously.)

Woolwich Branch.—Proposed by Br. S. Cocup, seconded by Br. R. Gurry—

"That we, the members of the Woolwich Branch, considering the position of the carpenters and joiners of Manchester and district, think it expedient for our E.C. to take the votes of the members upon a general levy, to assist them in their unequal struggle."

Woolwich Branch—Proposed by Br. Cocup, seconded by Br. Fisk—

"That we, the members of the Woolwich Branch, are of opinion that the vote of the members would be the only satisfactory course for the E.C. to adopt, with respect to a general levy throughout the United Kingdom, on behalf of the Manchester strike."

page 9
Name of branch not stated—Proposed by Br. W. Wright, seconded by Br. A. M. Jobson—

"That this branch recommend the E.C. to make a grant of £1,000 from the funds to increase the strike benefit to society men on strike at Manchester."

Reply.—We beg most heartily to thank the authors of the foregoing resolutions for the kindly interest they have manifested on behalf of the Manchester Joiners on strike; but our suggestion in the December Monthly Report has met with such a hearty and liberal response from the branches, that we do not at present feel at liberty to adopt any of the recommendations they have made. In addition to voluntary subscriptions, up to the end of the year 1877 the following local levies in aid of the men on strike had received the E. C.'s sanction :—
  • Abergavenny, 6d. weekly.
  • Altrincham, 6d. weekly.
  • Ashton-under-Lyne, 1s. weekly.
  • Barnet, 6d. weekly.
  • Barasley, 6d. weekly.
  • Bath, 3d. weekly.
  • Bingley, 1s. per member.
  • Birkenhead, 6d. weekly.
  • Birmingham District, 1s. weekly; since
  • reduced to 6d. weekly.
  • Blackburn, 8½d. weekly.
  • Blackpool, 6d. weekly.
  • Bolton, 1s. weekly.
  • Bootle, 6d. weekly.
  • Bradford 1st and 2nd, 6d. weekly.
  • Brentford, 6d. weekly.
  • Brighton, 6d. weekly.
  • Bristol, 6d. weekly.
  • Bromley, 6d. weekly.
  • Burslem, 6d. weekly.
  • Burton-on-Trent, 1s. per member.
  • Bury, 6d. weekly.
  • Cambridge, 6d. weekly.
  • Carlisle, 6d. weekly.
  • Chester, 3d. weekly.
  • Colchester, 3d. weekly.
  • Coventry, 6d. weekly.
  • Croydon, 6d. weekly.
  • Derby, 1s. per member.
  • Doncaster, 6d. weekly.
  • Dover, 6d. weekly.
  • Ealing, 6d. weekly.
  • Epsom, 6d. weekly.
  • Falmouth and Penryn, 1s. per member.
  • Folkestone, 6d. weekly.
  • Greenwich, 6d. weekly.
  • Hanley, 6d. weekly.
  • Harrogate, 6d. weekly.
  • Hastings, 6d. weekly.
  • Hebburn Quay, 1s. per member.
  • Kidderminster, 6d. weekly.
  • Leeds 1st and 2nd, 1s. weekly; since
  • reduced to 6d. weekly.
  • Leicester, 6d. weekly.
  • Liscard, 6d. weekly.
  • London District, 6d. weekly.
  • Maidstone, 6d. weekly.
  • Margate, 6d. weekly.
  • Nottingham, 2s. per member.
  • Oxford, 6d. weekly.
  • Penrith, 6d. weekly.
  • Plymouth, 6d. weekly.
  • Preston, 1s. weekly; since reduced to
  • 6d. weekly.
  • Prestwich, 1s. weekly; since reduced to
  • 6d. weekly.
  • Radcliffe Bridge, 1s. weekly.
  • Ramsgate, 6d. weekly.
  • Reading, 6d. weekly.
  • Reigate, 6d. weekly.
  • Rochdale, 6d. weekly.
  • Scarborough, 6d. weekly.
  • Sheffield, 6d. weekly.
  • Shipley, 6d. weekly.
  • Southampton, 6d. weekly.
  • South Norwood, 6d. weekly.
  • Southport, 6d. weekly.
  • Stalybridge, 6d. weekly.
  • Sunderland District, 6d. weekly.
  • Torquay, 3d. weekly.
  • Wakefield, 3d. weekly.
  • Warrington, 6d. weekly.
  • West Hartlepool, 6d. weekly.
  • Weston-super-Mare, 6d. weekly.
  • York, 2s. 6d. per member.
  • Ballymena, 6d. weekly.
  • Dublin, 6d. weekly.
  • Sligo, 6d. weekly.
  • New York, 50 cents weekly.

Check Stewards.

Caledonian Road Branch.—Proposed by Br. E. C. Watts, seconded by Br. J. Lee—

"Having our attention called to clause 8, rule 51, we wish to know whether any of the branches under 40 members have been paying the C.S. according to the old rule, and if so, whether the E.C. intend to call on the branches to refund the money illegally paid; or is the society to be at the loss of it, as we find in this monthly report 186 branches numbering less than 10 members?"

Reply.—Wherever the old rule has been duly observed there will be nothing to refund. It is true that the G.C. of 1874 did not clearly express their exact meaning, page 10 but an explanation was published in the monthly report for April, 1875. The Dewsbury Branch asked the following question:—"Will you please inform us what salary a check steward is entitled to in a branch numbering less than 50 members, say 34 members; as the rules are silent on this point?" The E.C. replied:—"It was not the intention of the G.C. to increase the pay of the C.S. in branches having less than 50 members; consequently in branches having less than 40 members, the C.S. should receive 4d. per night; from 40 to 50, 6d. per night; and in larger branches he should be paid in accordance with rule 51, clause 8."