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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Natural Science. — Professor Hutton

Natural Science.

Professor Hutton.


The composition and formation of the principal rocks; the structure of rock masses: the principles of geological dynamics and physiography; the principles of palaeontology; historical geology; the history of geological science; geo-logical surveying.

Note.—Geology and mineralogy form one course at a single fee.

Principles of Biology.

The general morphology of plants and animals; the nature of life; morphology and physiology of the cell; physiology of plants and animals; reproduction and development of plants and animals; principles of classification; distribution of plants and animals in time and space; inheritance and variation; the origin of species.

This course may be taken with Botany or Zoology without an additional fee, and is necessary to complete the courses in these subjects. Taken alone, the fee is one guinea.

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The structure, functions, and distribution of the orders of cryptogams, and the principal orders of phanerogams. The use of the microscope.


The structure, functions, and distribution of the different orders of vertebrata and invertebrata. The use of the microscope.

Use of the Microscope.

Construction and management of the microscope; measurement and drawing of objects; errors of interpretation; preparation and mounting of vegetable and animal substances; application of the microscope to geology.

The fee for this course is one guinea.

Biological Laboratory.

The Laboratory is open for two hours to students attending the Botanical and Zoological Classes. Practical instruction will be given in dissection, experimental physiology, systematic biology, and taxidermy.

Fee for the use of the Laboratory one guinea.