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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Mental Science. — Professor Macgregor

Mental Science.

Professor Macgregor.

Junior Class.

1. Psychology: The structure and functions of the Nervous System in man and animals; Sensation and Movement; the Special Senses; Instinct; the laws of Association of Ideas; the nature and limits of Knowledge; Abstraction (including the Nominalistic Controversy); the Theory of Vision; the Problem of the External World; the Theories of Perception.

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2. Definition and First Principles of Logic: (a) Deductive Logic: Terms; Concepts; Propositions; the Syllogism; Demonstration; Axioms; Necessary Truth; (b) Inductive Logic: Uniformity of Nature; Causation, Observation, and Experiment; the Inductive Canons; the Combination of Induction and Deduction; Verification; Hypotheses; Chance; Probable Evidence; Analogy; Definition; Classification; Fallacies.

Senior Class.

Analysis and Classification of the Emotions; the Will (including the Freewill Controversy); Pleasure and Pain; outlines of Morbid Psychology; the Methods of Ethics; the Hedonist, Intuitionalist, and Utilitarian systems; the History of Philosophy.