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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Faculty Of Medicine. — Regulations

page 17

Faculty Of Medicine.


The Winter Session will be the same as in the Arts course. The Summer Session will be of three months' duration, commencing on 1st December.

The classes are open to all persons over sixteen years of age; but no student will be recognised as a registered Medical Student of the Otago University who shall not have passed, before entering on his course, the Preliminary Examination in General Education required of all students desirous of obtaining Medical Degrees.

The Preliminary Examination will be held during the first three days of May. Candidates who intend to appear at these examinations are requested to communicate with the Registrar of the University, on or before the 14th of April, intimating the optional subjects in which they desire to be examined.

The following six subjects are compulsory:—

I.—English Language.
(a.)To write a few sentences in correct English on a given theme, attention being paid to spelling and punctuation, as well as to composition,
(b.)To write a portion of an English author to dictation,
(c.)To explain the grammatical construction of one or two sentences.
(d)To point out the grammatical errors in a sentence ungrammatically composed, and to explain their nature,
(e.)To give the derivation and definition of a few English words in common use.
  • Including Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.
page 18
  • The elementary rules, including simple equations.
  • The first three books of Euclid.
  • The paper will contain easy unseen passages to be translated into English, and sentences of English to be translated into Latin. Questions in Latin Grammar will also be sot. Additional:—Selected Book for 1877 and 1878, Cicero do Officiis, Book III.
VI.—Elements of Mechanics and Hydrostatics. (Elementary questions.)
  • Mechanics. Forces acting at one point, and parallel forces, treated simply. The Mechanical Powers Ratio of the Power to the Weight in each; the Centre of Gravity; General Laws of Motion, with simple illustrations; Law of the Motion of Falling Bodies. Text-books—Goodwin's Statics and Dynamics, or Todhunter's Mechanics for Beginners.
  • Hydrostatics. Pressure of Liquids; Equilibrium of Liquids; Specific Gravity, and modes of determining it; the Siphon; the Common Pump and Forcing Pump; the Hydrostatic Press; Artesian Wells. Text-books—Galbraith and Haughton's Hydrostatics, or Besant's Hydrostatics.

The candidate will also be required to pass two out of the following nine optional subjects—

  • The paper will contain easy unseen passages to be translated into English, and simple sentences of English to be translated into Greek. Questions in Greek Grammar will also be set. Additional Selected Book for 1877 and 1878, Xenophon's Anabasis, Book IV.
  • Additional Selected Book for 1877 and 1878. Molière, "Le Malade Imaginaire?
page 19
  • Additional:—Selected Book for 1877 and 1873. Schiller's Thirty Years' War; Books I.-IV. inclusive.
  • The papers in French and German will be of a similar extent to those set in Latin and Greek.

IV.—Logic. Text-book—Elementary Lessons in Logic. Stanley Jevons.

V.—Moral Philosophy. Text-book—Dugald Stewart's Outlines by Dr. McCosh.

VI.—Higher Mathematics.
  • Euclid—Books I. to VI. Algebra. Elements of Trigonometry.
VII.—Higher Natural Philosophy.
  • Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Elementary General Physics, Heat. Text-books—Mechanics and Hydrostatics as above. Elementary Lessons in Physics, Balfour Stewart. Balfour Stewart's Heat.
VIII.—Elementary Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Text-books. Elementary Lessons in Chemistry, Roscoe.
IX.—The Rudiments of Botany and Zoology.
  • Text-books—Oliver's Elementary Lessons in Botany. Nicholson's Introductory Text-book of Zoology,

Note.—Students desirous of obtaining Scottish Degrees and Diplomas in Medicine are limited to the first seven of the above optional subjects.