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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Third Day.—19th September, 1877

Third Day.—19th September, 1877.

The G.L. assembled this day at 8 p.m.

Present: All the Elective Grand officers, (except the R.W.D.G.M.,) the G. Mar., G. Guard., and G. Herald. A quorum of representatives was also present.

The Lecture Master for Dunedin district made his report for the year, as follows:—

Most Worthy Grand Master, Officers, and Representatives of the Grand Lodge,—

The revolution of time again calls upon me to give an account of my stewardship in connection with the work of the Degree Lodge of this district. At the last session of this Grand Lodge I was again re-appointed Lecture Master. In briefly reporting the work for the term now closing, I may state that it has again been very successful. Although a General or Central Degree Lodge has not been established this term, yet a greater amount of work has been accomplished by my acceding to the request of the officers of the various Lodges, to confer degrees upon members when requested. I may state that the number of members who have received the various degrees to which they were entitled has far exceeded that of any of the previous terms, yet the expenses are correspondingly large, which will be seen from the short statement herewith annexed. I may inform this Grand Lodge that I have attended sixteen degree meetings during the term, two of which lapsed, fourteen of which have been fairly successful, which are all shown in statement before referred to. I have again to remind (very much against my will) the scarlet members of the Order that they have not given me that support and assistance which it was their duty to render, yet the worthy should not be mixed with the unworthy. I may state that I received very able assistance from a few members in the town Lodge-rooms; but I cannot help expressing my grateful thanks to Brother Alexander for the assistance he has given me in the out-lying and suburban Lodges, and I am happy to say that any time I have asked him he has always been willing to render. Financially, the Lodge is still progressing. Notwithstanding the extra expenses of travelling, advertising, &c., there remains a credit balance to the Lodge of £5 17s., which, with the balance of last term, makes a total of £12 8s. to the page 14 credit of the Lodge. In conclusion, I must express my grateful thanks to the members of the various Lodges for the fraternal and courteous manner I have at all times been received by them for the last three years I have held the honourable position of Lecture Master. I trust that the results of another term will be more successful than any of the previous ones, and that my successor will be received with the same kindly and fraternal spirit that I have been by the Order at large.

P. Russell, Lecture Master.