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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Second Day.—18th September, 1877

Second Day.—18th September, 1877.

The G.L. assembled this day, at 8 p.m.

All the Elective Grand officers were present, the majority of the appointed officers, and a quorum of representatives.

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The minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Notices of motion having been given,

The G.M. read a petition from Bro. Lezard, Avon Lodge, Christchurch, praying us to adopt a graduated scale of contributions.

Resolved—"That the petition from Bro. Lezard be received."

Moved by Bro. McKenzie, seconded by Bro. Boelke—"That three auditors be elected by the Dunedin and suburban Lodges to audit the books and accounts of the Lodges of Dunedin district."

Amendment proposed by Bro. Haigh, seconded by Bro. Lindsay—"That two auditors be appointed by this G.L., whose services shall be available for the Lodges in the Dunedin district."

The amendment was carried.

Moved by Bro. Teague, seconded by Bro. McNair—"That any P.G.M. who may be financial on the books of a Sub. Lodge have the right of voting in the Grand Lodge."—Carried.

Moved by Bro. M.White, seconded by Bro. McKenzie—" That the next session of the G.L. be held in Timaru."—Carried.

Lodge adjourned till 19th September.