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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Meetings of Standing Committee, &c

Meetings of Standing Committee, &c.

Minutes of the following meetings held during the past year were read and confirmed :—

General Meeting of Lodges of Dunedin and Suburbs, held in the Odd-fellows' Hall, Albany-street, Dunedin, 3rd November, 1876.

G.M. Bro. Braithwaite in the chair.

The G. Sec. acted as Secretary.

Present: Members of several Lodges.

The meeting was called in response to a letter from Mr. William Woodlands, A.O.F., asking whether our Order would consider the question of establishing a Friendly Societies' Medical Dispensary in conjunction with the other Friendly Societies of Dunedin.—After discussion,

Bro. M'Kenzie proposed and Bro. Cook seconded—"That this Convention approves of the principle of establishing a Dispensary for the Friendly Societies of Dunedin and suburbs, and will be prepared to meet the other Societies in conference to discuss the subject."—Carried.

Resolved—"That Bros. E. Harrison, E. M'Kenzie, T. P. Wilson, J. Michie, and D. Matheson be the representatives of this Order at any general meetings of the Friendly Societies which may be called in connection with this matter."

Meeting of Standing Committee, 26th November, 1876, held in Dowling-street.

Present: G.M. Braithwaite (in the chair), and G.W. Wheeler, G. Sec. Boyd, and G. Treas. Alexander.

The G.M. reported that a petition had been received from 28 persons residing in Christchurch, asking for a charter for a new Lodge to be established there, to be called the "Avon Lodge."

Resolved—" That a charter be granted."

Eesolved—" That Bro. White, the D.D.G.M., Timaru, be commissioned to inaugurate the new Lodge, and that Bros. T. E. Price and W. M. Sims be requested to accompany him."

The G.M. read extracts from a letter dated 7th March, 1876, by P.G.M. M'Gaw, addressed to Bro. Gourlay.

Resolved—"That Bro. M'Gaw be our Representative to the Supreme Grand Lodge, U.S."

Meeting of Standing Committee, Oddfellows' Hall, Albany-street, 1st February, 1877.

Present: G.M. Braithwaite (in the chair), D.G.M. Michie, G. Sec. Boyd.

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Consideration of application from Pioneer Lodge for a donation on behalf of Bro. John Lenton, P.G.S., &c. Received a deputation from Pioneer Lodge, consisting of Bros. Teague, Collins, Alexander, and Moore. Bro. Teague explained the object of the deputation, viz., to support the request sent us by letter asking for a subscription on account of Bro. Lenton.

When the deputation had withdrawn, it was proposed by Bro. Michie, seconded by Bro. Wheeler—"That the sum of £5 be voted to P.G. Sec. John Lenton as a testimonial for past services."—Carried.

Standing Committee Meeting, 5th April, 1877.

Present: G.M. Bro. Braithwaitc (in the chair), G. Sec. Boyd, G. Treas.—Alexander.

Consideration of offer by George Leslie and Peter Black to supply scales for specified benefits.

Resolved—" That we accept the offer of Messrs. Leslie and Black to supply us for the sum of £10 with the Scales" (which will be found at the end of G.L. business).

Meeting of Standing Committee, 20th April, 1877.

Present: G.M. Bro. Braithwaite (in the chair), G.W. Wheeler, G. Sec. Boyd.

Consideration of application from Avon Lodge, Christchurch, 5th April, 1877, for assistance to pay preliminary expenses of establishing the Lodge.

Resolved—"That the sum of £5 be placed to the credit of the Avon Lodge towards defraying the preliminary expenses as above."

Resolved—"That proper Return Sheets not having been furnished by the Wanganui Lodge since 1st January, 1874, that Lodge be notified that unless Return Sheets be received from 1st January, 1871, till 31st December, 1876, within one month from date, accompanied by remittance for arrears of Dues, the Standing Committee will impose fines on the said Lodge as provided for in sec. 79, Rules and Regulations."

Meeting of Standing Committee, 30th May, 1877.

Present : G.M. Bro. Braithwaite, D.G.M. Michie, G.T. Alexander, G.W. Wheeler.

Consideration of letter to G.M. from D.D.G.M. Bro. Watt, Wanganui District, stating that the Marton Lodge had not held a meeting for upwards of six months; that in consequence the Lodge was defunct; that some of the late members wanted to divide the funds and property between them; that he (Bro. Watt) had prevented this being done, and had in the meantime taken possession of the whole effects of the Lodge, and asking instructions.

Proposed by Bro. Michie, seconded by Bro. Alexander—"That the best thanks of the G.L. be conveyed to Bro. Watt for the position he has taken in the interest of the G.L. and Order, and that his action page 12 be sustained; and that the late members of the Marton Lodge be informed that, in consequence of their not being financial, they have forfeited all claim on the Lodge or Order; that their relation to the Lodge at present is the same as if the Lodge had remained as heretofore; that in the event of the Lodge being resuscitated within six months, the G.L. will consider the advisability of returning the greater part of the assets."

Letter from G.S. Bro. Ridgely, U.S.A., asking particulars re Charter, and stating that we should be under the jurisdiction of a body named the G.L. of Australasia, such body to have power to create branch Grand Lodges.

Resolved—"That the G.M. be entrusted with the duty of replying to Bro. Bidgely's letter."

Meeting of Standing Committee, 16th August, 1877.

Present: G.M. Bro. Braithwaite (in the chair), G.T. Alexander, G.W. Wheeler.

Letter from Bro. Watt re Marton Lodge, stating that the late members objected to his transferring the assets of the Lodge to the Grand Lodge, and asking instructions; and stating that a new Lodge was proposed for Palmerston North, and asking permission to hand over the Marton furniture and regalia free of cost to it.

Resolved—"That Bro. Braithwaite have power to arrange difficulty with Marton Lodge consistently with the laws of the Order, and that we sanction Bro. Watt presenting the furniture and regalia to the proposed Lodge at Palmerston North as suggested."

Meeting of Standing Committee, 7th September, 1877.

Present: G.M. Bro. Braithwaite (in the chair), D.G.M. Michie, G.W. Wheeler, and G. See. Boyd.

Business: Proposed New Scale of Contributions.

Moved by Bro. Wheeler, seconded by Bro. Michie—" That Table C of the Tables, as prepared by Messrs. Leslie and Black, be recommended by this Standing Committee to the Grand Lodge for adoption by the Order, on account of the Sick and Funeral Funds."—Carried.

Moved by Bro. Wheeler, seconded by Bro. Michie—"That the initiation fee be one pound sterling, without respect to age."—Carried.

Resolved—" That there be added to the contribution to the Sick and Funeral Funds,—as provided in the Table referred to,—the sum of sevenpence halfpenny per week per member, to secure medical benefits, and meet the working expenses of the Lodge and Order.

All the above minutes were read and confirmed, after which several notices of motion were given, and the Grand Lodge adjourned till 18th September.