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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29



I.O.O.F., Office Grand Corresponding and Recording Secty. R.W.G.L.U.S., Baltimore, Md., Joseph Braithwaite, M.W.G.M. G. Lodge of New Zealand, Jurisdiction of Australasia.

My Dear Sir and Brother,—

Your "Avant Courier" despatch of April 30th was gladly received. I was highly gratified to learn that my letter (of January 23rd previous) reached you in due season. I also wrote to you April 3rd, which I hope has reached you. Our information touching our order in your important and rapidly-growing country is generally meagre and unsatisfactory, and especially concerning Oddfellowship, which, in consequence of the difficulties attending its introduction, has become much mixed up and confused in its system of government, and consequently greatly misunderstood. The object of my correspondence with you, and with the Grand Lodge in Victoria, was to bring about a reconstruction of your system of government, to which result I hope the movement will tend. I shall write to you after your next is received, and will hereafter forward anything for New Zealand directly viâ San Francisco.

Wishing the order continued success in New Zealand, and advising you of its general prosperity, I remain, in F., L.,T., your brother,

Jas. L. Ridgely, C.S.

P.S.—We were not aware that the steamers touched at New Zealand before going to Melbourne, or we should, had we known the arrangement, sent your packages direct instead of to care of Bro. Curtis.

The G. Secy, wrote 7th May to Bro. J. H. R. Curtis, G. Secy. Grand Lodge Australia, and quoted from the Constitution of Grand Lodge of New Zealand, on file in this office (printed copy), printed at Dunedin Evening Star Machine Print- page 42 ing Office, 1869, the preamble (pages 3 and 4) of which states that the charter was issued by the Grand Lodge of Victoria, February 19, 1869. This seems to settle the question that the Grand Lodge of New Zealand is subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Australia (formerly Victoria).