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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

[reports adopted by the G.L.U.S]

So soon as the M.W.G. Sire decides whether he or his Deputy shall visit you I will write.

The following reports were adopted by the G.L.U.S. at its session September 17-22, 1877, viz.:—

"To the R.W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

"Your Committee on Foreign Relations, in view of the fact that complications at present existing in the jurisdiction of Australia, as reported by the M.W. Grand Sire and R.W. Corresponding and Recording Secretary, seem to demand and can reasonably be expected to be satisfactorily adjusted only by the personal presence and interference of some responsible agent of this body; and believing that no one can be, by virtue of his office and distinguished ability, so capable of arranging matters for the general honor and good of the Order, and especially for the prosperity of the acknowledged Grand Lodge of Australia and the jurisdiction thereto belonging, as our M. W. Grand Sire, we think it important and expedient that he should visit that portion of the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the United States, with full power and authority to act in the premises, and we offer the annexed resolution:—

"Resolved, That the M.W. Grand Sire, John W. Stokes, be empowered and requested to proceed to Australia and New Zealand, and in the exercise of authority in him vested as the head of the Order, to effect an adjustment of the present complications there existing, and perform such other offices for the welfare of the Order as in his judgment he may deem expedient,

"And that one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be appropriated to defray his expenses.

"Provided, That in the event of the inability or refusal of the Grand Sire to perform said duty, the Deputy Grand Sire, John B. Harmon, be authorised and empowered to act in his stead.

"To the J.R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The Committee on Foreign Relations, to whom was referred a form of visiting cards issued by the R. W. Grand Lodge of Australia, report:

"That one of the specifications in the charter of the Grand Lodge of Australia provides that all cards issued by that jurisdiction shall emanate from the Grand Lodge of the United States.

"The card in question is clearly illegal, and is issued in contravention of the page 48 terms of the charter referred to, and does not bear the Seal of the Grand Lodge of the United States, nor the signature of its Secretary.

"Your committee, therefore, recommend the adoption of the annexed resolution :

"Resolved, That the form of card issued and in use by the Grand Lodge of Australia is illegal, and is hereby interdicted, and the Order at large is warned not to recognise or receive it, and the Grand Sire and Grand Secretary are directed to use all means in their power to cause its disuse.