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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29



I.O.O.F., Office Grand Corresponding and Recording Secty., R.W.G.L.U.S., Baltimore, Md., Joseph Braithwaite, M.W.G.M., G. Lodge of New Zealand, I.O.O.F.,

Dear Sir and Brother,—

I have now the pleasure of transmitting to you the Officers' Reports to the G.L. of United States for its 53rd Annual Communication held in this city in September just passed; to which I also add the Daily Journal of Proceedings had by that R.W. Grand Body : all, I trust, may reach you in safety. I cut from that Daily Journal the report of the Committee on Foreign Relations, touching the complications in the order in Australia as presented to its attention by the page 47 Grand Sire and Grand Secretary. This report, you will find, was adopted by the Grand Lodge of the U.S. by a decided vote upon a call of year and nays. The next day an effort, which failed, was made to reconsider this vote (pp 157, 158). Thus your American brethren have testified their devotion to our beloved Order and its welfare in your country; and you may expect, at an early day, I hope, to see in person our M.W.G. Sire, or his equally worthy and able Deputy. Either of these Brothers are equal to their position, and possess our unqualified confidence. They are men of great experience and ability, and will be abundantly competent to straighten all your deviations, if any, in our system, and give you enlightened and satisfactory instruction in every respect. Mr. Meacham's mission to your country has been decidedly unfortunate. You will find upon the advent of our Commissioner that you will have to unlearn much of error in his proceedings. This letter will discuss only one other subject, and that is one of his errors—I mean the subject of "cards," about which he has written, his letter appearing on our Daily Journal. You will find the G.L. of U.S. has decided that the "Form of Card" issued in your jurisdiction is illegal, for the reason that the G.L. of U.S. in the Charter granted to the G.L. of Australia specially reserved to itself the power to issue "cards." This is so obviously plain that I trust your jurisdiction will apply here for cards hereafter. Commending our Commissioner to your generous attention, and praying that the great expected good may result to Oddfellowship which we sanguinely anticipated,—I remain, in the bonds of F., L., & T.,

Yours fraternally,

Jas. L. Ridgely, C.S.