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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Appointed Officer's

Appointed Officer's.

The G.M. made the following appointments :—
G. Chaplain Bro. E. M'Kenzie.
G Marshal Bro. Tracey.
G. Guard Bro. J. M'Nair.
G. Conductor Bro. Hill.
G. Herald Bro. Moore.

Trustees.—Resolved—" That Bros. Michie, Wheeler, and Bracken be re-elected"

Proposed Amendment of the Constitution.—Proposed by Bro. Braithwaite (signed by Bros. Boyd and M'Kenzie) for consideration next session) :—
"Whereas, in view of the recent correspondence between this G.L. and G. !Sec. Bro. Ridgely, G.L. U.S., respecting the charter and constitution of the former Grand body; and whereas, among other privileges, this G.L. of N.Z. having by virtue of its constitution full power to adjust its system of government on the same principles as the Grand Lodges of the United States and the German page 21 Empire; and whereas we cordially recognise the following reservations which are held by the G.L. U.S., viz., Identity of written and unwritten work, and the same Annual Travelling Password: in conformity with the spirit of this preamble, Be it resolved
"1.That upon the petition of seven or more lodges situated in any provincial district of N.Z. for a Grand Lodge for such province, a charter be granted by this G.L. of N.Z., same to be named after said province: all the lodges (herein to then pass under the local control of said Provincial Grand Lodge.
"2.On the granting of said charter, an amount shall be handed over by this G.L. of N.Z. to said Provincial G.L out of the present General Funeral Fund; said amount to be computed first upon the basis of the amounts that have been received and paid back on account of such lodges in respect of this fund; and any additional discount in respect of said amount that may be deemed equitable by a Special Committee appointed by this G.L. of N.Z., with power to give just effect from time to time to all the powers, principles, privileges, and financial adjustments that are embodied in these series of resolutions.
"3.Said Provincial G.L. shall become responsible for all funeral claims arising in lodges under their local jurisdiction, immediately the amount is handed over, as per No. 2. Provincial G. Lodges shall receive and disburse their Funeral Funds for their respective provinces, on the same principle as this G.L. of N.Z. now does for N.Z.
"4.When six Provincial G. Lodges are created, the qualification for representatives to this G.L. of N.Z. shall then be composed thereafter of grand representatives, elected by and from Proviucial Grand Lodges.
"5.That until the requisite number of Provincial G. Lodges are called into existence the qualifications for representatives, also the functions of this G.L. of N.Z., shall continue as heretofore; and all Provincial G. Lodges shall be governed by the same laws as now exist, or as may be altered from time to time by this G.L. of N.Z.
"6.This G.L. of N.Z., whether as now constituted or as may afterwards be altered in its constitution and qualifications for representatives, according to No. 4, shall have full power, control, and jurisdiction over the whole of the Subordinate and Provincial G. Lodges throughout N.Z., and shall be the supreme tribunal in N.Z. for altering, amending, or repealing any existing or future constitutional laws; and shall always have full power to assess the whole order in N.Z. in such manner as it may deem fit, and in such amounts as may from time to time be necessary for the management of this G.L. of N.Z."
Proposed Addition to the Constitution by Pro. Boyd, for consideration next session :—

"That at any General or Special Sessions of the G.L. any lodge have the right of being represented by proxy, provided that no proxy exercise more than one vote nor represent any other lodge than the one from which he holds a proxy.