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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Ninth Day.—31st October, 1877

page 19

Ninth Day.—31st October, 1877.

G.M. Braithwaite in the chair.

A quorum of officers and representatives was present.

The G.M. informed the G.L. that he had received a telegram from Bro. John Ballance, dated 30th October, announcing the inauguration of the Southern Cross Lodge.

Resolved—"That Bros. Boyd, "Wheeler, Braithwaite, M'Kenzie, and Reid be a committee whose duty shall be to promote the spread of the Order in New Zealand. Three to form a quorum; Bro. Braithwaite to be convener."

Resolved—"That the standing orders be suspended."

Moved by Bro. Wheeler, seconded by Bro. Tracey—"That all laws now on the Law-book which may be incompatible with the terms of the new Scale of Contributions and Initiation Fees, as adopted by this G.L. on 24th September, 1877, be amended or repealed, and brought into harmony therewith; and that first part of sec. 141, down to ' £5,' be repealed."—Carried.

Moved by Bro. Boyd, seconded by Bro. M'Kenzie—"That it shall be unlawful for any lodge to receive a person into membership, whether by initiation or affiliation or otherwise, unless the lodge receive a certificate under the hand of a duty-qualified medical practitioner stating that the candidate for membership and his wife, if any, have passed a satisfactory medical examination in conformity with the requirements of the lodge."

Letter from Alfred Lodge, 27th October, 1877, read and received, remonstrating about the limit of expenditure for general purposes out of weekly contributions as fixed by this G.L. on 24th September.—Resolved—"That the subject-matter is already decided."

Resolved—"That this G.L. expresses its appreciation of the promptitude with which G. Corresponding and Recording Secretary Bro. Ridgely, U.S., replied to the letters of the G.M."

Resolved—"That all notices of motion affecting the Constitution bear the signatures of at least three Brothers."

Notice of amendment to Constitution, proposed for next session by Bro. R. M'Kenzie, and signed by Bros. Boyd and Reid—"That the following law, as passed this session, be repealed:—'That no Constitutional law shall be adopted, repealed, or amended, unless such adoption, repeal, or amendment be proposed at one session and carried at the following.'"

Notice of amendment to Constitution, proposed by Bro. Braithwaite and signed by Bros. Boyd and Wheeler:—"That all members of subordinate lodges shall pay their subscriptions in advance; and any member indebted to his lodge in any sum whatever for weekly dues shall, while so indebted, be disqualified from all benefit and privileges of the lodge and Order. Further: Any law heretofore existing (that is, in confliction with the proposal embodied herein) shall be deemed to have become of no effect immediately on the passing of this resolution."

Account received from Bro. G. W. Jansen for 20s. for attendance at last and present sessions of G.L."

page 20

Resolved—" That the account be not received."

Resolved—"That this G.L. donate 21s. to Bro. Jansen for attendance at last and present session."

Resolved—" That the resignation of the G.W. elect be accepted."