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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Eighth Day.—4th October, 1877

Eighth Day.—4th October, 1877.

G.M. Braithwaite in the chair.

A quorum of officers and representatives was present.

Resolved—"That Bro. Boyd's motion, seconded by Bro. Haigh, re travelling expenses of G.L. Executive, be amended to read as follows:—' That the travelling fare (if any) incurred by the members of the G.L. Executive in attending moveable sessions of the G.L. be paid by the G.L."—Carried.

Proposed by Bro. M'Kenzie, seconded by Bro. M'Gaw—"That the assessment on sub. lodges to the G.L. Management Fund for current year be one shilling per financial member per quarter."—Carried.

Amendment by Bro. Boyd, seconded by Bro. Reid—" That the assessment be ninepence per member per quarter."—Lost.

Resolved—"That a circular be sent to each sub. lodge to embody the new laws and amendments adopted at this session, and calling special attention to those lodges which are in default in the matter of return-sheets and dues, and giving notice of the meeting to be held on Wednesday, 31st October."

Proposed by Bro. M'Kenzie, seconded by Bro. Wheeler—"That the Standing Committee at their earliest convenience prepare a list of hints and instructions to secretaries of sub. lodges and have their printed and distributed, and that such hints and instructions be bound up with the new law-books."—Carried.

Resolved—"That the G.M.'s report, excepting the advertisements therein, be adopted."

Resolved—"That it be one of the duties of the Standing Committee to issue a Quarterly Report."

Resolved—"That the Balance-sheet be adopted."

Resolved—"That the G.M.'s and G. Sec.'s Reports and Balance-sheets, &c., be printed prior to the meeting of each annual session."

Resolved—"That we comply with the Friendly Societies Act respecting the registration of the G.L. and its branches."

Resolved—"That the Standing Committee and Bro. Braithwaite be the Printing Committee for new law-books."

Resolved—"That the G. Sec. and G. Treasurer find security to the Trustees in the sum of one hundred pounds each, such security to be given by a Guarantee Society of good repute, the premium of which is to be paid by the G.L."

The G.W. elect (Bro. Boyd) tendered his resignation of the office.

Resolved to adjourn till Wednesday, 31st October, 1877.