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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Fifth Day.—24th September, 1877

Fifth Day.—24th September, 1877.

G.M. Braithwaite in the chair.

A quorum of officers and representatives was present.

Moved by Bro. M'Kenzie, seconded by Bro. Traeey—"That some mark of distinction be provided by the G.L. for P.Gs., to be worn in Sub. Lodges, such as a ribbon and five pointed stars of white metal; also, that a P.G.'s collar, at a reasonable price, be provided, and remain on sale at the office of the G.L. for the time being."—Lost.

Moved by Bro. M'Gaw, seconded by Bro. Gourlay—"That one copy of "White's Digest and one copy of new Initiation Book be ordered from G.L.U.S. for each Lodge in this jurisdiction."—Carried.

Moved by Bro. Teague, seconded by Bro. Alexander—"That the matter of the proposed New Scale (C) of Contributions be re-considered."—Carried.

Moved by Bro. Teague, seconded by Bro. Alexander—"That Table C, as prepared in the Grand Master's address, be adopted, with the following Initiation Fees for ages at next birthday,—viz., 18 to 25, £1; 26 to 30, 25s.; 31 to 40, 30s.; 41 to 45, £2; and that Table C, with these Initiation Fees, as amended, come into operation on 1st January, 1878, for all persons joining the Order on "and after that date, and that those belonging to the Order prior to that date be not affected thereby."—Carried.

Resolved—"That Bro. Stout be informed of the action of the G.L. in adopting a graduated scale of contributions."

Resolved to adjourn till Wednesday, 20th inst., at 7.30 p.m.