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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Report of Proceedings of Annual Meeting

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Report of Proceedings of Annual Meeting.

Present :

  • Prov. G. M. Leslie, in the chair.
  • D.P.G.M. Fish
  • Prov. C.S. Sligo.

Delegates :

  • Hand and Heart Lodge,—P.G. Black; Per. Sec. Burton; P.G Peter H. Sherwin; P.G. Hitchcock.
  • Dunedin Lodge—P.G. Ibbotson; Per. Sec. Fulton; P.G. Stronach.
  • Dolton Lodge—P.G. Johnston; P.G. Battrick.
  • Albion Lodge—GM. Davie; P.G. Lambeth; P.G. Godso.
  • Tuaqeka Pioneer Lodge—P.G. Hun-op; P.G. Downes.
  • Waitahuna, Lodge—P.G. J. Black; P.G. Ferries.
  • Waipori Lodge—P.G. Jas. Robertson.
  • Blue Spur Lodge—P.G. McLaren; P.G. Williams.
  • Naseby Lodge—P.P.G.M. Geddes.
  • Roxburgh Lodge—P.G. Morgan.
  • Tapanui Lodge—P.G. Keir.
  • Lake Wakatip Lodge— P.P.G.M. Swan; P.G. Wm. Harrop.
  • Band of Friendship Lodge—P.P.G.M. Robin.
  • Outram Lodge—P.G. Cox; Per. Sec. McNicoll.

The following Lodges were unrepresented—Prince oj Wales, Oamaru, Prince Alfred, Alexandra, Palmerston, Cromwell, Mount Wendon, Arroiv, Heart of Friendship.

Before proceeding to business it was unanimously agreed that the representatives of the Press should be admitted.