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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29


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Chapter I.


General use of Narcotics, par. I.—Their peculiar charm, 2.—Enslaving effect, 3.—Smoking as it affects the Young, 4.—Special cause for alarm, 5.—Waste of glorious capacity, 6.—Scope of this Essay, 7.

Chapter II.

Physical Effects of Tobacco.

Value of Health, par. 8.—Direct action of powerful dose of Tobacco, 9.—Death from excessive smoking, 10.—Injury from moderate smoking, 11.—Smoking aggravates tendencies to Disease: (a.) Injures Digestion; (b.) Injures Brain and Nervous System; (c.) General Paralysis; (d.) Respiratory Organs; (e.) Cancer; (f.) Teeth and Gums; (g.) Paralysis of Nerves of Sensation, 12.—Degeneracy of Race, 13.—Factory Population, 14.—Dr. Morgan's opinion, 15.—Dangers to be apprehended, 16.

Chapter III.

The Medical Aspect.

Dr. Richardson's Researches, par. 17.—His Summary of Effects of Tobacco, 18.—No real redeeming features, 19.—Effect on Digestion, 20.—An alleged Aperient, 21.—Effect on the Heart, 22.—"A Single Pipe a Day," 23.—Chest diseases aggravated, 24.—Prevention better than cure, 25.—Chronic Bronchitis, 26.—Examination of the defence of Smoking, 27.—Dr. Richardson criticised, 28, 30.

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Chapter IV.

Effect of Smoking on the Intellectual Powers of Youth.

Lessens power of Memory, par. 31.—Delusion that Smoking aids Thought, 32.—M. Bertillon on Polytechnic Scholars at Paris, 33, 34.

Chapter V.

Collateral Evils of Smoking.

Smoking leads to Drinking, par. 35.—Testimony of a Physician, 36.—Relation to the Temperance Cause, 37.—Leads Boys into Bad Company, 38.—Tends to Crime, 39.—Smoking an introduction to Unchastity, 40.—Dangers of Modern Society, 41.

Chapter VI.

Social Wrongs Inflicted by Smokers.

Good Taste and Politeness defied, par. 42.—Domestic influence, 43.—Laws of Hospitality violated, 44.—Smokers a burden to their Friends, 45.—And a nuisance to Railway Travellers, 46.—The Habit hostile to a Life of Exalted Usefulness, 47.—Fatal effect on Persons employed in the manufacture, 48.—Slavery to Sense obliterates feeling for others, 49.—Politeness to be cultivated by Youth, 50.

Chapter VII.

The Economic Aspect of Smoking.

Right estimate of the value of Money and Time—important for Young Men, par. 51.—Waste occasioned by Smoking, 52.—Early Teaching needed, 53.—Money might be better employed, 54.—Time wasted in Snuffing and Smoking, 55. A warning to the Young, 56.

Chapter VIII.

Moral and Spiritual Injury from Smoking.

Habit strengthened by Use, par. 57.—Monstrous wrong of tempting Youth into the vile practice, 58.—Responsibility of Christian Smokers on the ground of example, 59.—No Sophistry can shake it off, 60.—Great responsibility of Schoolmasters, 61.—Christian Morals the highest, 62.—Effect on the World outside, and on Youths connected with Sabbath Schools and Churches, 63. Happy day when the Church of Christ becomes a unit on the question, 64.