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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

Leslie's Deism

Leslie's Deism.

The heathens expressed and worshipped everything under the name of a God, as the God of Sleep, of Music, of Eloquence, &c. They had about 30,000 gods.

The Alcoran is a Rhapsody of stuff without head or tail; one would think written by a madman, &c. A system of the old Arianism ill-digested and worse put together, with amixture of some Heathenism and Judaism. Mahometanism—one of the heresies of Christianity. The Deists are against all Revelation. They go only upon bare nature, and what our reason dictates to us.

The world is a strong man, and till a stronger than he come (that is, the full persuasion of the future State) he will keep possession.

Plato's divine man must be poor and void of all recommendation but that of virtue alone. That a page 11 wicked world would not bear his instructions and reproof, and therefore within three or four years after he began to preach, he should be persecuted, imprisioned, scourged and at last put to death.

Leslie's short method contains some good points of argument amid much superstition. Much unconscious sophistry, and little of rational argumentation.