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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 29

3—Unsuccessful Dressing

3—Unsuccessful Dressing.

Mode of Tracing, Cause of Failure.—If it should unfortunately happen that a course of dressing has been unsuccessful, the owner should not rest satisfied until he discovers the cause of failure. To do this, he will, of course, make the necessary inquiries of the shepherds and hands on the station, and if he cannot in this way arrive at the reason for the outbreak, he should handle and examine every sheep in the flock, when he will be able to see whether any strange sheep have joined with and re-infected it, or whether the disease has re-appeared from the cure being imperfect. If the dressing is at fault, he will, of course, also be able to discover, from the appearance of the spots, whether the failure has occured in the curative or the disinfectant, and to remedy his mistake in the next dressing. Thus, where the dressing has failed through being badly applied, he will meet with the insect, or with green or active scab on some portion of an old patch, most likely at its edge, where the wool though loose has not yet fallen off. In the case of re-infection from insects on the run again, the symptoms will be pencilly, and the scab or insect found, may be at a distance from any old patch or spot, while the symptoms of the attack will of course resemble those of an original outbreak of the disease.