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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 27

Order of Service For the Consecration of the New Synagogue, Moray Place

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Order of Service,

3rd Ellul, 5641. 28th August 1881

Dunedin, New Zealand Coulls & Culling, Printers & Stationers Rattray-St.

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New Synagogue,

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Order of Service,

3rd Ellul, 5641. 28th August 1881

Dunedin, New Zealand Coulls & Culling, Printers & Stationers Rattray-St

page 15

Psalm CL.

Hebrew text

(Psalm cl.)

Sing Hallelujah! praise to God;
Upon His holy seat,
In His great power. His mightiness
With praise His presence greet;
And with His mighty excellence
Let your high praise accord;
Exulting Hallelujahs sing,
And shout, "Praise ye the Lord!"
With trumpet's sound, psalt'ry, and harp,
With timbrel and with dance,
With organs and string'd instruments,
Proclaim His excellence.
With cymbals' tone, with cymbals' clang,
Your praise to Him accord;
Let every breathing thing proclaim,
"Praise Him! Praise ye the Lord!"

page 14

Evening Service.

Concluding Prayer.

It is incumbent upon us to praise the Lord of all; to magnify the Creator of the beginning; for he hath not made us like unto nations of other countries, nor disposed of us in the manner of other families of the earth; neither hath he appointed our portion like unto theirs, nor our lot like all their multitude. For we bend the knee, worship, and make our acknowledgments to the presence of the supreme King of kings! the holy and blessed Being; he who stretched out the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth, the throne of whose glory is in the heavens above, and the residence of whose might is in the celestial heights. He is our God, and there is no other. Our King is truth, and there is none besides him; as it is written in his law, "Know, therefore, this day, and reflect in thine heart, that the Lord he is God, in heaven above, and on the earth beneath: there is none else."

We will, therefore, place our hope in thee, O Lord, our God! speedily to behold thy glorious power; removing the abominations out of the earth, and causing all the idols to be utterly destroyed, that the universe may be established under the Almighty government; all flesh invoke thy name, and all the wicked of the earth turn unto thee: then shall all the inhabitants of the world know and acknowledge, that unto Thee every knee must bow, and every tongue swear: before thee, O Lord, our God! shall they kneel and fall prostrate: they shall ascribe honour to thy glorious name, and all shall take upon themselves the duties due to thy dominion : and thou wilt speedily reign over them for ever and ever. For the kingdom is thine, and in eternal glory wilt thou reign; as it is written in thy law, "The Lord shall reign for ever and ever." And it is also expressed, "And the Lord shall be King over all the earth," on that day will it be acknowledged that the Lord is One, "and his name One,"

page 13

May he who blessed our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, bless the Wardens and Members of this Congregation, and all who have brought their offerings for the building of this synagogue. May he bless them, their wives, their sons, their daughters, and all belonging unto them. May he preserve them from distress and sorrow, may he prosper the work of their hands, and vouchsafe unto them length of days in joy and happiness. Amen.

Hebrew text

page 12

Prayer for the Queen and Royal Family.

May he who dispenseth salvation unto kings, and dominion unto princes: whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; who delivered David his servant from the destructive sword; who maketh a way in the sea, and a path through the mighty waters: May he bless, preserve, guard, assist, exalt, and highly aggrandize our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, and all the royal family. May the Supreme King of kings, through his infinite mercy, grant her life, preserve her, deliver her from all manner of trouble and danger; subdue people under her feet, make her enemies fall before her, and cause her to prosper in all her undertakings. May the Supreme King of kings, through his infinite mercy, incline her heart, and the hearts of her counsellors and nobles, with benevolence to act kindly towards us and all Israel. In her days, and in our days, may Judah be saved, and Israel dwell in safety; and may the Redeemer come unto Zion; O that this may be his gracious will! and let us say, Amen.

Hebrew text

And when the Ark rested, he said, Return, O Eternal! to the myriads of thousands of Israel! Arise, O Eternal! unto Thy resting place, Thou, and the Ark of Thy strength. Let Thy priests be clothed with righteousness, and Thy pious ones shout for joy. For the sake of Thy servant David turn not away the face of Thine Anointed, "for I have given you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law; it is a tree of life to those who take fast hold of it, and the supporters thereof are happy; its ways are pleasantness, and all its paths are peace."

Hebrew text


Do Thou turn us unto Thee, O Eternal! and then we shall return. Renew our days as of old.

The Scrolls of the Law are then, placed in the Ark.

The Minister Then Preaches a Sermon, and offers up a Consecration Prayer.

page 11

During the Sixth Circuit.

A Song of Ascension.
O Lord! I raised to Thee a plaintive cry,
Prom the abyss of sin and misery.
O Lord! I pray that Thou wilt turn Thine ear,
And hearken to my supplicating prayer.
Alas! "What man before Thy face could stay,
If thou did'st always mark his evil way?
But grace and pardon ever with Thee dwell,
And man to reverential awe impel.
My soul all hopeful waiteth for the Lord,
And steadfastly relieth on His word;
More eagerly than watchmen through the night,
Await the coming of dawn's glimm'ring light,
My soul relieth on the Lord, as they
A wait, full certain of returning day;
And thus may Israel hopefully rely
Upon the Lord, who reigns eternally.
Mercy, and full redemption are with Him,
And He, from sin, all Israel will redeem.

During the Seventh Circuit.

A Psalm of David.
The earth, O Lord! belongs to Thee, And all that in it dwell,
For Thou hast built it on the sea, Above the ocean's swell.
O Lord! Who shall ascend Thy hill—Dwell in Thy holy place?
Whose heart and hands are free from ill, Imbued with heavenly grace;
Whose soul from vanity is free, Who hath not sworn deceitfully;
Such men a blessing shall receive From Thee, Almighty Lord,
Who in Thy saving power believe, And trust Thy holy word;
These are the men of Israel's race, who hope to gaze upon Thy face.

The Ark is opened, and the Reader and Choristers chant:

Ye yates, uprear your lofty heights, Above all earthly domes,
Doors of Eternity, fly back, The King of Gory comes.
The King of Glory! Who is he? The strong and mighty Lord,
Whose presence bringeth victory, The sole Almighty God.
Ye gates, uprear your lofty heights, Above all earthly domes,
Doors of Eternity, fly back, the King of Glory comes.
The King of Glory! Who is he Whose coming ye proclaim?
The Lord of all Eternity! Praised be His hallow'd name.

page 10

During The Sixth Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm CXXX

During The Seventh Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm XXIV

page 9

During the Third Circuit.

Shout joyfully unto the Lord, All earth your voice upraise;
Exulting serve Almighty God; Come, singing psalms of praise.

Know the Lord God created us; To Him do we belong;
His people, sheep beneath His care—Then come to Him with song.

Come to his gates with thankful praise. His courts fill joyfully.
Bless His great name, His holy ways, "With grateful minstrelsy.

For everlasting is His grace, His goodness, truth, and worth.
Enduring when all human race Shall cease to be on earth

During the Fourth Circuit.

A Song of Ascension by Solomon.
If the Lord lendeth not His aid, All useless is man's toil
To build the house, or safely guard The city free from spoil.

'Tis useless that at early dawn, From slumber ye arise,
And until midnight labour on For your necessities.

But if God's grace your work attend, If it by Him be bless'd,
He brings it to successful end, And gives the toilers rest.

Behold! the children whom ye love, Are blessings from the Lord,
A heritage sent from above To mankind for reward.

He who is bless'd in early life With children's loving smiles,
Is like a warrior arm'd for fight, "Whose darts his quiver fills.

Such man shall never turn aside, But at the gate appear;
Speak to his enemies with pride, Nor shrink away in fear.

During the Fifth Circuit.

Praise ye the Lord, all nations sing,
All people your laudations bring;
For great and lasting is the grace
Which He bestows on Israel's race.
True and enduring is His word,
Then sing aloud, Praise ye the Lord.

page 8

During the third Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm C

During the Fourth Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm CXVII

During the Fifth Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm CXVII

page 7

Ye saints, exulting voices raise, In song your thanks proclaim,
All mindful of God's holy ways, And His exalted name.

For momentary is His rage, But lifelong is His grace;
Though tears the night's dark hours engage, With dawn come joy and peace.

And thence in my security, Triumphantly I said,
"I shall remain immutably, There's nought for me to dread."

O Lord! it pleased Thee to endow With strength my mountain fair,
Thou did'st conceal Thy face, and, lo, Calamity and care.

I raised a supplicating cry, O Lord! Eternal God!
What Good is it, that now I die? What profit is my blood?

"When I descend into the grave, Can I extol Thy name?
Shall the mere clay in utt'ranee have The Lord's truth to proclaim?

"O Lord! give heed into my prayer, With favour on me shine;
O Lord! on me bestow Thy care, And grant Thy help divine."

Now Thou hast turn'd my wailing grief Into a dance of glee;
My garb of sackcloth taken off, And deck'd me festively.

Therefore my voice to Thee I'll raise, In thankful minstrelsy—
O Lord! Almighty God! Thy praise I'll sing eternally.

During the Second Circuit.

Judge me, O God! and aid my cause Against an impious race;
Prom unjust and deceitful men Relase me through Thy grace.

In Thee, O God! my strength abides, Why dost withdraw Thine aid?
Why doth my foes' oppression sore, With grief o'erwhelm my head?

Send forth, I pray, Thy light and truth, To guide me on the road,
Which leadeth to Thy holy hill, Unto Thy bless'd abode.

Then to God's altar will I go; I'll tune my harp, and sing=
My thanks to God, my joy of joys, My Lord—Almighty King!

My soul, why art thou sorrowing, O'erwhelming me with tears?
Put trust in God, praise His great name, And cast aside all fears.

For I will ever offer praise And thanks unto the Lord,
Who hath upheld my countenance, And is Almighty God.

page 6

Hebrew text

During the Second Circuit..

Hebrew text - Psalm XLIII

page 5

Previous to the Consecration, Afternoon Service will be read in the Temporary Synagogue at 3 o'Clock.

The Minister, the Wardens, and other Honorary Officers of the Congregation, bring the Scrolls of the Law to the door of the New Synagogue, when the Minister exclaims in Hebrew:—

Open unto me the gates of righteousness; I will enter them, and praise the Lord.

The doors being opened, the Minister and others enter in procession, with the Scrolls in'their arms, when the Minister and Choir Chant:—

How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob! thy tabernacles, O Israel!

O Lord! I have ever loved the habitation of thy house, and the dwelling-place of thy glory.

We will come into thy tabernacles, and worship at thy footstool.

The procession then passes up the Synagogue, under the Canopy, until it arrives at the Ark; during its progress the Minister and Choristers sing :

From the Lord's house, we praise proclaim
On him who cometh in his name.
On us th' Eternal God doth shine,
And bless us with His light divine;
The sacrifice for Him design'd,
Upon the altar haste to bind.
A thankful prayer to Thee I'll raise :
Thou art my God, Thy name I'll praise.
The Lord is good, unto His name
Let us with praise our thanks proclaim,
For everlasting, good and pure,
His gracious mercy will endure.

Hear, O Israel, the Eternal is our God; the Eternal is One.

Our God is a Unity : great is our Lord, Whose name is the Most Holy.

The procession then passes round the Synagogue seven times; during each circuit one of the following Psalms is chanted by the Minister and Choristers.

During the First Circuit.

David's Psalm and Song for the Dedication of the House.
Lord! Thou hast protected me, And lifted me on high,
Hast saved me from mine enemy, Still'd his exulting cry.
I will extol Thy mighty name; I cried, O Lord; to Thee,
From Thee, my God! assistance came, Thou hast deliver'd me.
Thou hast redeem'd my soul from death, My life Thou hast restored,
Hast saved me from the grave beneath, Eternal, mighty Lord!

page 4

Hebrew text

During the First Circuit.

Hebrew text - Psalm XXX