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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 27


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Pursuant to notice Sir George Grey addressed the citizens of Auckland in the Theatre Royal, upon the subject "The principles which should guide the citizens in founding a Free Public Library." Every part of the theatre was densely crowded. The doors were to have been open at half-past seven, but as early as seven o'clock crowds had assembled at all the entrance doors to the theatre. It was deemed expedient, in order to prevent obstruction of the footpaths, to open the doors at an earlier hour. The public were therefore admitted to the theatre at a quarter-past seven o'clock. In less than ten minutes the dress circle was crowded with ladies and gentlemen. In an equally short space of time the pit and stalls were densely packed with auditors. The stage, which served the purpose of a platform, was also thronged.

In order to prevent over-crowding, cards of admission were issued to the following, among others, the greater portion occupying seats on the stage:—Bishops Oowie and Luck, Honorables Henderson, Dignan, Williamson, Chamberlain, T. Russell (O.M.G.) and Mr. Swainson, A. J. Cadman (M.H.R.), George (M.H.R.), Moss (M.H.R.), Dargaville (M.H.R.), Hurst (M.H.R.), Tole (M.H.R.) Mitchelson (M.H.R.), Harris (M.H.R.), Hobbs (M.H.R.), Hamlin (M.H.R.), Peacock (M.H.R.), Sheehan (M.H.R.) Whyte (M.H.R.), McDonald (M.H.R.), Whitaker (M.H.R.), Professors Thomas, Brown, and Tucker, Revs. Buddie, Walpole, Paul, Pritt, Baker, Carrick, Evans, Dudley, Munro, Reid, Whewell, Spurgeon, Parsonson, Robertson, Runciman, Macnicol, Lenehan, Purchas, M. Fynes, Maunsell, O'Gara, clergymen Ponsonby Wesleyan Chapel, and Grafton Road Wesleyan Chapel, Vaggioli, Tebbs, Downey, Bates, MacDonald, Hamer, Bruce, Kidd (Registrar of the University College), O'Hara, Gould, Mackay, Nelson, Burrows, Mayors of Auckland, Parnell, and Onehunga, Drs. Hooper, Richardson, Philson, Goldsboro', Dawson, Kenderdine, Harrison, Mrs. Dr. Potts, Drs. Moore, Lee, Stockwell, Mr. J. E. McDonald (Chief Judge Native Lands Court), Colonel Lyon, Mr. Theo. Kissling (District Land Registrar), Mr. T. Macffarlane (Trustee in Bankruptcy), Major Green (Sheriff of Auckland), Mr. H. S. Smith (District Judge and Resident Magistrate), Messrs. W. S. Wilson, J. L. Wilson, Furby (Telegraph Department), T. T. Masefield, Stephenson, Bums, Cousins, Atkin, J. L. Campbell, Dacre, Pond, G. P. Pierce, Battley, Montague, Levi Coupland, Harper, McDonald (Harbour Board), John Abbott, C. A. E. page 4 Abbott, R. Graham, J.P., Henry Brett, S. Yaile, Dunningham, F. L. Prime, J. P., James Philson, John Anderson, P. Darby, Henry Palmer, J. P., M. Danagher, Thwaites, John Buchanan, Peter Dignan, J. Howard, Errington, (Waterworks Engineer), H. N. Abbott, R. and R. Duder, D. Nolan, R. W. Moody, J. P., Frederick Ireland, James Coates (Accountant National Bank), Griffin (U.S. Consul), Neil Heath (Principal Girls' High School), Thomas Morrin, O'Sullivan (Chief Inspector of Schools), V. E. Rice (Secretary Board of Education), Thomas Thompson, T. H. Hall, Bycroft, Offer, Mackechnie, Firth, Mason (2), Waddel, Gee, D. A. Tole (Commissioner Crown Lands), T. B. Hill, Cole, J. T. Boylan, T. T. Gamble (German Consul), Barber (Consul of Denmark), Albyn Martyn, A. McArthur (Principal Training College), D. B. Cruickshank (Consul for France), Phillips, L. D. Nathan, J. B. Thomson, J. P., T. Hill (Collector of Customs), A. G. Horton, Biss (Chief Postmaster), Hugh Campbell, Garret (Garrett Bros.), Cosgrave, J. P., Hardie, Edmund W. Otway (Engineer Public Works Department) C. A. Harris, Worthington (Head-teacher Wellesley-street School), D. Goldie, A. V. Macdonald (General Manager of Railways), Harrison (Head-teacher, Howe-street School), Bayley (Head-teacher, Ponsonby School), the Head-teacher Nelson-street School, W. McCullough, Tarbutt, D. Lynch, Gittos, W. C. Daldy, J. P. Leonard (Head-teacher, Parnell School), R. C. Barstow, Dennison, William Buchanan, J. Cunningham (Police Court), Hamilton Brothers, J. Edson, D. L. Murdoch (General Manager Bank of New Zealand), S. Coombes, Editors—Herald, Star, Freeman's Journal, Lance, Observer, Free Press, Hon Colonel Haultain, Kissling (Manager Bank of New Zealand), D. Hean (Manager National Bank), J. Lawford (Manager Bank of Australasia), T. H. Ivey (Manager Bank of New South Wales), Grierson (Manager Union Bank), Burton (Manager Colonial Bank), R. Cameron (Savings Bank), Tyler, E. Hesketh, Hughes, Brewer (Registrar Supreme Court), Kummer (Danish Consul), J. B. Russell, G. Aickin, A. Boardman, T. Cooper, F. D. Fenton, Laishley (Chairman Board of Education), Brigham (Secretary Harbour Board), President Auckland Club, Thomas Buddie, Rose (Vice-President Noi'thern Club), Cheeseman (Secretary Auckland Institute), Governor of Mount Eden Gaol, Young (Medical Superintendent Lunatic Asylum), Resident Surgeon Provincial District Hospital, Stone (Chairman Auckland Harbour Board), P. A. Philips (Town Clerk), Fraser and Tinne (Chairman and Secretary Chamber of Commerce), William Coleman, A. Devore, Coupland, Williamson (Crown Prosecutor), Henry Keesing, J. P. King, Mackechnie, Murchie, Harper, James (Secretary Auckland College and Grammar School), G. A. Buttle, J. King (Bank of Australasia), Mowbray, Giblin (Accountant Bank of New Zealand), Butler (Accountant Bank of New South Wales), Glover, G. M. page 5 Reed, Alexander, Richmond, Browning, A. McDonald (Accountant Union Bank), J. B. Stoney (R.M. Court), Traffic Manager Railway Department, S. Jackson (Jackson and Russell), A Saunders, J. B. Graham, J. Waymouth, Lundon, Gee, J. M. Shera, Hughes (Superintendent Fire Brigade), J. Craig, J. Marshall, H. H. Lusk, F. Leahy, Fleming.

On his appearance on the platform, Sir George Grey was received with great enthusiasm, the entire audience rising to their feet.

On the motion of Rev. C. M. Nelson, seconded by Mr. J. M. Shera, the Acting Mayor (Mr. Waddel) was called to the chair.

The Chairman, having read the advertisement, briefly introduced the speaker, and in the course of his remarks said: It seems most opportune, at least to me, that an address on this subject should be delivered at this time, especially when such a gentleman as Sir George Grey, presents himself to instruct you. It is also opportune for a more satisfactory reason, and that is, as I believe I may state, the City Council is in a position, from the funds they have in hand, and the munificent bequest of the late Mr. Edward Costley, to take steps for the erection of necessary buildings for the Free Public Library and Art Gallery. (Cheers.) I sincerely hope that at no distant date you will be called upon to take part in laying the foundation stone of an institution that will be worthy of the munificent gifts which are given to the public by the citizens of Auckland. (Cheers.)

Sir George Grey, who on rising to address the meeting, was received with loud applause, spoke as follows:—Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: In addressing you to-night upon the principles on which your Free Public Library should be established, I shall embrace under that heading your Art Gallery, your Institute, and the other kindred institutions, which must form part ultimately of one great establishment. Now what I would remark to you first is this: that we should consider what should be the peculiar characteristics of a great institution of that nature founded in this town.