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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 27

The Truthseeker:

The Truthseeker:

A Monthly Review, Edited by Mr. Hopps;

Containing Original Lectures, &c., on subjects of present and permanent interest. 3d. monthly. By post, from the publishers or editor, 3s. 6d. a year; Two Copies, 6s. a year, post free.

The following smaller works by Mr. Hopps may be had from the author.

The Four Guiding Voices: or, the absolute supremacy and divine authority of Reason, Conscience, and Love, in all matters pertaining to Faith and Life. Two pence.

The Church of the Future Foreshadowed by the Unitarian Church of To-Day. Two pence.

Satan Worship in Christendom. A Lecture. Twopence.

Jesus Christ the Son of God, Not God the Son. Third Edition. Twopence.

Jesus a Unitarian. The Four Evangelists Unitarians. Paul a Unitarian. Two pence each: or the whole work, in cover, price Sixpence.

Two Sermons for the Times:—"Trust in the Living God," and "Preaching the Gospel." Twopence.

A Unitarian'S Confession of Faith Concerning God, Jesus, Salvation, the Bible, and the Future Life. Four hundredth thousand. One Penny. Sixpence a dozen.

What Must I Do to be Saved? and What Do We Teach? One Pennv each.

Two Poems—"There is No Death," and "Come Away." Printed on Card in Two Colours. One Penny.

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The friends of reverent free-thought and free-expression arc invited to co-operate in an effort to extend the usefulness of

The Truthseeker,

Edited by the

Rev. John Page Hopps.

"The Truthseeker," published on the first of every Month, is a free and unsectarian Review of books, events and inquiries relating to the development of religious life and liberty in the Christian Church.

Every number contains original lectures and essays, together with reviews of present and permanent interest.

Price Threepence.

London: Williams & Norgate, 14 Henrietta Street,

Covent Garden.

Manchester: Johnson & Rawson, 89 Market Street, and J. Heywood, Deansgate.

Leicester: J. & T. Spencer, 20 Market Place.

Any Bookseller can supply "The Truthseeker" to order. A Post Office Order for 3s.6d, sent to the Editor (De Montfort Street, Leicester), or to the Publishers, will secure a copy for a year, by post, to any address. Two copies 6s, post free.