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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 26

Telegram from G. M. O'Rorke, Esq

Telegram from G. M. O'Rorke, Esq.

Joshua Williams,

Auckland. Regt. Gen. Lands, Wellington.

When I took charge of Stamp Department I was much annoyed at incessant queries from Audit office about Mr. Brandon's accounts, but in nearly all cases Mr. Brandon was able to give satisfactory explanations, and the Audit complaints ceased entirely in a month or two and I had no further trouble on that score. There were a few cases of insubordination on the part of officers of the Department, but I think Mr. Brandon was in all these cases in the right. I found Mr. Brandon a painstaking and obedient officer and have repeatedly expressed my opinion that the prejudice which I heard existed against him was an unjust one. I am sorry to hear of his official conduct being the subject of an enquiry, but can express no opinion on the subject as it has arisen since my retirement from Ministry.

G. M. O'Rorke.

Note.—It should be here remembered that the accounts referred to were not individual accounts but related to the various Stamp Offices of the Colony.

E. Brandon.

I would like to have referred to the evidence here, but as will be seen by Mr. Cooper's letter of 12th December, a copy was refused me.