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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 26


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I have been induced to publish the following papers on account of the conduct of the Government throughout the affair;—I was suspended from my duties at a moment's notice, and all papers in my office (both public and private) taken possession of, on the 17th August last. Although frequent application was made I could not get particulars of the charges against me until the 10th September following—a lapse of twenty-four days. The inquiry commenced on the 17th September, and closed on the 22nd, yet I was not furnished with a copy of the Report until the 28th October following—a period of seventy-two days from the date of suspension.

During this time rumours of a nature very seriously affecting me were rife, and although I was acquitted of all the grave charges, and blamed for mere irregularities, the Government, neither directly nor indirectly published such acquittal; refused me a copy of the evidence taken on the enquiry, and when they did make known through the Gazette the decision of the Commissioners, it was done in a most unfair way, and by a notice so garbling the Report of the Commissioners that doubts were left in the minds of many persons as to the true result of the enquiry, and inferences were left to be drawn very prejudicial to my character.

Serious charges affecting my integrity, and others of irregularity and habitual negligence had been made. The Commissioners had entirely acquitted me of the grave charges, and reported that those of habitual negligence and inefficiency could not be supported; yet, in the public notification of my removal from the Stamp Department no allusion is made to my acquittal of the grave charges, or that "the certain charges proved, and in fact admitted," were those which the Commissioner's decided were irregularities only, leaving, as I have before stated, much to be inferred.

E. Brandon.