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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 24



The census of March, 1874, gives elaborate details, from which I take the following summary of the proportions per cent, of the whole population as well as 48,927 persons then at the gold fields:—

page 23

Whole Population. Population at Gold Fields Per cnt. Per cnt. Government, employés 0.83 0.42 Learned professions, literature, art, and science 1.34 0.83 Domestic offices, wives, mothers, children, &c 57.99 46.14 Entertaining and personal offices for man 4.16 3.50 Commercial, and owners of houses 1.71 1.64 Conveyance of men, animals, goods, and messages 2.76 1.63 Agricultural 11.56 6.16 Mechanical 3.49 1.97 Working and dealing in textile fabrics, dress, and in fibrous materials 2.40 1.51 Working and dealing in food and drinks 1.49 1.64 Working and dealing in animal and vegetable substances 1.05 0.80 Working and dealing in minerals 7.11 31.47 Labourers (undefined) and others 3.24 1.80 Persons of property and rank 0.12 0.03 Non-productive 0.75 0.46 100.00 100.00