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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 24


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I.—Introduction and Peculiar Advantages of the Colony 3
II.—Retrospect 4
III.—Native Policy 6
IV.—Colonial Debt, its Outlay and Comparative Pressure 6
V.—Revenue 12
VI.—Expenditure 13
VII.—Railways and Roads 14
VIII.—Telegraphs 15
IX.—Live Stock 15
X.—Wool 16
XI.—Land under Cultivation 16
XII.—Exports 17
XIII.—Imports 17
XIV.—Savings Banks 18
XV.—Municipalities 19
XVI.—Crown Lands 19
XVII.—Land Transfers 20
XVIII.—Maoris 20
XIX.—Population, Birth Places, and Occupations 21
XX.—Immigration and Emigration 23
XXI.—Vital Statistics 24
XXII.—Education 26
XXIII.—Conclusion 27
Tables I to VII 29

A paper read by me at the British Association in Exeter appears in the Society's Journal for September, 1869, vol. xxxii. I therein examined the progress of the colony from its foundation in 1840, until December, 1867; and I now propose to review the period of ten years ending 1875, with some occasional later particulars, for which returns are available.