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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 24

Association for Promoting the Practice and Study of Economics In the Schools of the Colony

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Association for Promoting the Practice and Study of Economics In the Schools of the Colony.


The Most Honourable the Marquis of Normanby, K.C.M.G., Governor of New Zealand.

The Marchioness of Normanby.


Major, The Hon. Sir J. L. C. Richardson, Knt., Speaker of the Legislative Council

Honorary Presidents.

The Right Rev. The Bishop of Auckland.

The Hon. Sir W. Fitzherbert, M.A., Speaker of the House of Representatives.

John Henry Tancred, Esq., Chancellor of the University of New Zealand.

Judge Chapman, Dunedin, Chancellor of the University of Otago.


  • The Hon. Colonel Haultain, Auckland.
  • His Worship the Mayor of Napier, Robert Stuart, Esq.
  • The Hon. the Premier of New Zealand, Major Atkinson.
  • The Hon. G. M. Waterhouse, M.L.C., Wellington.
  • The Right Rev. The Bishop of Nelson.
  • The Hon. James A. Bonar, M.L.C., Hokitika.
  • The Right Rev. The Bishop of Dunedin
  • The Rev. W. Salmond, Professor of Theology to the Presbyterian Church.
  • The Hon. James Menzics, M.L.C., Southland.

Honorary Members.

  • The Hon. Major Atkinson, Taranaki.
  • Mrs. Atkinson.
  • Rev. W. Aylmer, Akaroa.
  • Rev. J. Bates, Diocesan Inspector of Church Schools, Auckland.
  • The Hon. Captain Bailey.
  • Mrs. Bailey.
  • J. Ballance, Esq., M.H.R. Rangitikei.
  • Arthur Beauchami, Esq., Wanganui.
  • George Bell, Esq., Member of the Dunedin School Committee.
  • Mrs. Burn, Lady Principal of the Girls' High School, Dunedin.
  • Miss Butler, Ryal Bush, Southland.
  • Judge Chapman, Dunedin.
  • Mrs. Chapman.
  • Rev. R. Coffey, Wellington.
  • Mrs. Coffey.
  • W. Dalrymple, Esq., Port Chalmers.
  • J. T. Dalrymple, Esq. Manawatu, Member of the Provincial Education Board, Wellington.
  • F. G. Downes, Esq., Port Chalmers.
  • The Right Rev. The Bishop of Dunedin.
  • Mrs. Nevill.
  • William Elder, Esq., Member of the Port Chalmers School Committee.
  • The Hon. Sir W. Fitzherbert, M.A., Wellington.
  • Lady Fitzherbert.
  • R. Gillies, Esq., Dunedin, President of the Otago Institute.
  • Rev. John Gow, Dunedin.
  • J. Hislop, Esq., Secretary to the Otago Education Board.
  • Miss Huie, Teacher of Modern Languages, Girls' High School, Dunedin.
  • Rev. W. Johnstone, M.A., Member of the Senate of the Now Zealand University
  • Mrs. Johnstone.
  • Dr. Kenderdine, Auckland.
  • Miss King, Taranaki.
  • Rev. W. Kirk, Auckland.
  • Mrs. Kirk.
  • The Rev. Bernard Leiclitenstein, H.S., Dunedin.
  • R. B. Lusk, Esq., M.H.R., Franklyn.
  • D. Macgregor, Esq., Professor of Moral Philosophy to the University of Otago
  • James P. Maitland, Esq., R.M., Dunedin.
  • Frederic Mainwaring, Esq., Cliristchnrch E. de Montalk, Esq., Professor of Languages to the University of Otago.
  • Rev. Lorenzo Moore, Port Chalmers.
  • Mrs. Moore.page break
  • Rev. W. Morley, Cliristchurch.
  • The Right Rev. The Bishop of Nelson.
  • Mrs. Suter.
  • W. Norrie, Esq., M.A., Rector of the Dunedin High School.
  • G. P. Pierce, Esq., Auckland.
  • C. P. Powles, Esq., Hon. Secretary to the Benevolent Institution, Wellington.
  • Keith Ramsay, Esq., President of the Caledonian Society of Otago.
  • Edwin P. Rich, Esq., Napier.
  • Arch. Scott, Esq., Hokitika.
  • F. Moss, Esq., Secretary to the Education Board, Auckland.
  • Mrs. Spooner, Dunedin.
  • Rev. J. W. Stack, Cliristchurch.
  • A. South, Esq., Hokitika.
  • Robert Stout, Esq., M.H.R., Dunedin.
  • J. Stenhouse, Esq., District School Teacher, Tuapeka.
  • Spencer Von Stunner, Esq., R.M., Inspector of Native Sohools, Hokianga.
  • H. J. Tancred, Esq., Cliristchurch.
  • Mrs. Tancred.
  • W. Waring Taylor, Esq., Member of the Wellington School Committee.
  • J. Todd, Esq., Hokitika.
  • Richard Woon, Esq., R.M., Wanganui.

British and European Associates.

  • W. B. Hodgson, Esq., L.L.D., Edinburgh.
  • William Ellis, Esq., London, Author of Religion in Common Life, &c.
  • George C. T. Bartley, Esq., London, Hon. Secretary to the Provident Knowledge Society.
  • A. de Malarce, Esq., Secretaire perpétuel de la Société des Institutions de Prfé-voyance, Paris.
  • J. S. Fitch, Esq., M.A., London, one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools.
  • Miss Buss, London, Founder of the North London Collegiate Schools for Girls.
  • M. Laurent, Professor of Civil Law in the University of Ghent, Belgium.
  • William Meikle, Esq., Glasgow National Savings Bank.
  • Sir Julius Vogel, K.C.M.G., London, Agent General for New Zealand.

Corresponding Members.

  • Henry Worthington, Esq., Head Master City East School, Auckland.
  • Charles C. Graham, Esq., Secretary to the Provincial Education Board, Welling ton P. J. Pryde, Esq., Education Oiiice, Dunedin.

Provisional Committee.

  • Professor Macgregor.
  • Mrs. Burn.
  • Mr. W. Norrie
  • Mr. R. Gillies.
  • Mr. J. B. Park.
  • Miss Dalrymple.
  • Mr. Downes.
  • Mr. R. Stout.
  • Mr. Robert Dick.
  • Hon. See.—Mr. W. Dalrymple, Port Chalmers.
  • Hon Treas.—Mr. F. G. Downes, Port Chalmers.

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